The history of Triangular Church in the village of Bolshaya Svorotva

The history of Triangular Church in the village of Bolshaya Svorotva

Bolshaya Svorotva

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A cosy and a small village with an interesting name of Bolshaya Svorotva is located in Brest region. This village would seem ordinary and is no different from the rest, if it is not for an extraordinary temple, which is located at its outskirts. A year of foundation of this unusual structure is considered to be 1747, and it was erected by Nicholay Ovsyany, who had been a clerk in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The church was built on a stone base of wood and had a highly original and unconventional architectural form.

In 2009, after the church restoration, it was consecrated again, and it became available for the local parishioners and visitors from different cities.

The Triangular Church description in Bolshaya Svorotva village

The church in Bolshaya Svorotva is one of the most unusual churches in Belarus. Unlike ordinary conventional constructions having four walls, it has only three. Each of the three walls is equipped with its door, and also with three arches. The roof has the shape of a hipped roof, a small-sized tower placed on it. There are small towers situated in the roof corners.

1943 brought great losses to the temple – it was almost entirely burned down. In 2006, the building was restored inside as well as outside by the persistent efforts of the local priest and caring parishioners. This amazing structure was really worth the effort. A gilded altar of triangular shape had been located in the centre, adorned with an unusial carving, before the church was restored. After the restoration it was moved to a corner of the building. The walls of the church are decorated with icons depicting the twelve apostles. The painted ceiling of the temple is in the shape of an arch.

Triangular church in Bolshaya Svorotva – the only church in Belarus of such a layout. Its shape is not only an interesting architectural decision, but also a hidden meaning. It is said that the interior, planned in such a way, underlines a clear difference from any other Catholic and Orthodox churches. Also, the presence of three walls underlines the fact that representatives of three completely different faiths – Uniates, Catholics and Orthodox – may come here to pray. This temple does not separate the belief apart, on the contrary, it is intended to unite the believers of absolutely different faiths. After all, it is faith, which leads to the church regardless of the branch of religion you belong to. So why can’t it be the same temple?

This amazing Triangular church is not only an architectural monument of the XIX century, but it also represents cultural and historical values of the counrty. Not all of the European cities and cities around the world can boast of such an interesting attraction. With an incredible energy, it appeals a large number of tourists and all the curious travelers, who can’t miss unique places and buildings.


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