Yakub Kolas Theatre in Vitebsk

Yakub Kolas Theatre in Vitebsk



The History of foundation of the Yakub Kolas Theatre in Vitebsk

In Vitebsk is the Yakub Kolas National Academic Drama Theatre in Vitebsk that is popular among all townspeople. It began its existence in late autumn of 1926. Originally the repertoire of this theatre included only those performances that were prepared by graduates of the drama studio in Moscow. The first performance was called “In Days Gone By”.

In 1944 the Drama Theatre began to be named after Y. Kolas. Two years later the theatre was awarded the Stalin Prize for play “Nesterka”.

The building of the theatre where the most interesting performances still take place was constructed in 1958 with the assistance of two professional architects Maksimov and Ryskina. 

1977 became a new stage in the theatre’s development – it awarded an academic title. In 2001 it received the title of the National Theatre.

 In the second half of the XX century there was created a puppet troupe at the theatre that in 1990 it separated itself and became known as the theatre “Lyalka”.

The description of the Yakub Kolas Theatre in Vitebsk

The central facade of the theatre fronts the square that originally was called Teatralynaya and that is situated almost in the center of the town, in its more ancient historical part. The frontage presents an eight-column portico ending into a triangular pediment. Inside the theatre the auditorium consists of three tiers with pit stalls and two spacious galleries. The overall number of seats is 528.

The stage is rather large and well-equipped. Here there is a rotating ring that allows creating original and unusual effects during performances. The varied repertoire includes such theatrical genres as comedies, dramas, musical fairy tales, tragicomedies, musicals, modern parables and many others.

Performances are held almost every day except Monday. It is possible to buy tickets at the theatre box office.

In the Yakub Kolas Drama Theatre over 50 actors are working tirelessly, some of them are very experienced and have ten year’s period of work in acting profession.

Over the period of its active work the Academic Theatre has got different rewards. Apart from the Stalin Prize, the theatre twice received BSSR State Award and Lenin’s Komsomol Award.

On the stage of the Yakub Kolas Drama Theatre there took place not only spectacles but also various international vocal contests, and also performances of local and foreign acting groups with their own programs.

Over and over again the theatre’s walls and full theatre hall see surprisingly interesting spectacles that impress even those who lack the necessary knowledge of this art form. Every visitor can choose a genre that he loves and see a sight that he will never regret about. The most popular genre is comedy; as a rule, performances in this genre are of the greatest interest and admiration.


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