Tizengauz Theatre in Grodno

Tizengauz Theatre in Grodno



Tizengauz Theatre is the first city theater, opened to the general public in Grodno.

The theater building is an architectural monument belonging to the 18th century, the construction of which began in 1772. Its authors were Maeser, who began the construction, and Sacco, who completed the construction of the building.

It originated on the basis of a small theater troupe, consisted of instrumentalists and vocal performers. Gradually, the ensemble grew and developed into a team, which offered a rich repertoire of opera and ballet performances.

And although the construction of the municipal theater was carried out in 1770, the first theatrical performance took place in April 1769.

Through a covered walkway, one could get from the theater into Tizengauz Palace. In fact, the theater building was conceived as an extension of the palace, which was carried out in practice.

The building included a main hall, which had the shape of a semicircle with the amphitheater and galleries. The scene had five decorative plans. There were also a parterre and twenty two lodges.

That time, the troupe consisted mostly of Italian artists. But gradually they were displaced by their students studying in Tizengauz’s School of Music and Theater in Grodno. Formed staff was quite professional and the best recognized in Europe.

After Tizengauz was ousted from office, the troupe together with the school moved to the city of Postavy, where it existed until 1785.

Therefore, starting from 1780, there were only teams on tour in Grodno. That situation lasted until 1802. That year, the actress Salome Deschner showed the intention of creating a permanent team. Determined to implement the idea, the actress turned to the authorities with a request to rent the theater building. That appeal was granted. As a result, the created theater was recognized as the first professional theater of Grodno city.

When in 1806 Deschner Salome died, Yan Shimansky became the head of the theatre.

There was the Russian-Polish Theater over the years 1846-1852. In the late 1850s, the construction underwent renovation, and as a result the building was extended.

In the period from 1929 to 1939, the Polish Theatre named after E. Ozheshko was located there.

There was a superstructure of the third floor in 1940, which substantially increased capacity of the hall.

During 1940-1941, the building housed the Public Polish doll theater of BSSR. During the first post-war years, the State Russian Drama Theatre of the BSSR functioned there.

The building belonged to the Drama Theatre since 1947.

Another reconstruction of the building occurred in 1975, when there was the expansion of the hall and the stage once again.

From 1984 to the present days, a Puppet Theater has been located here, unofficially called “The Puppet Theater of Tizengauz”.

Today, the theater building is rightly considered one of the most important city's attractions, which are worth seeing, while visiting the regional center.


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