The State Puppet Theatre in Gomel

The State Puppet Theatre in Gomel



Do you like theatre as it is liked in Gomel? Have you ever been in the Gomel State Puppet Theatre? If you still haven’t been here, you have deprived yourselves of a unique pleasure!

Just imagine: usually a theatre begins with a peg, and this one begins with approaches, a pedestrian area near the theatre. Here is a theatrical pillar of the traditional type, the sculptures of fairy tale characters about Pinocchio are placed at the entrance. Who, if not them knows that a tale, a stage, music begin behind the curtains, backstage. There, at the theatre, stories are shown and talked about for children – small and grown-up. The puppets are controlled not by cruel, but by kind and talented puppeteers and artists, directors and writers of plays there. Sometimes they also put on costumes and participate in a performance. It’s a magic world.

And all of this is for a viewer. A comfortable hall, shows, some of which were played on best stages in the country and abroad, bringing laureates’ diplomas, awards, audience recognition and love to the theatre. For example, “Gift of the forest King”, “Old man and the crane”, “Fern Flower”, “Heart of a Dog”, “Tartuffe”, “Cherry Orchard”, “Requiem”.

This theatre has existed in Gomel since 1963. At first, it hadn’t had its stage, the troupe and puppets worked with the Drama Theatre. In 2002, they were given the building of the former Palace of Culture. Now it is their home, here goes the mystery of a play creation. The building is cheerful, comfortable, and attractive, the auditorium is with a capacity of 214 seats.

But the troupe is not sitting still. Their touring geography is extensive. Over the years of existence – more than 60 years – the theatre has staged more than 200 plays.

Since 1994, in the framework of "Theatre – to the Children of Chernobyl" action, the Gomel Puppet Theatre annually gives more than 50 performances to the children who live in the areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

The theatre founder is V. Chernyaev, which leadership lasted more than 20 years. In the mid-1980’s, V. Matros became the chief director. His arrival was marked by the fact that Gomel Puppet Theatre repertoire became more diverse, full works by Belarusian playwrights began to be presented at it. The most striking performance alike is “Let the bird does not cease” on the play by A. Volsky. The dolls for it were made of straw. Theatre-goers from many countries applauded to the performance play, it won the sympathy of viewers and demanding jury at various theatre festivals.

Do you know what theatre puppets are? They are created by artists and playwrights together. An author’s intention, nature of work, an artist creative style, his personality, his vision, skill – all of this is merged together and dolls are created. They are different; their faces express sadness or joy, levity or touching tenderness. But these are not just frozen masks, they are moving, they are exposed to light, they are surrounded by scenery, their temper is interpreted by a viewer. And dolls start to live, bringing something of their own to a show, existing apart from their creators. Something “beyond” is a work of art.

To become a witness of dolls revival, it is necessary to go to the puppet theatre. Gomel citizens and visitors know it, they hurry there. The statistics shows that the Gomel Puppet Theatre holds first place in attendance among the theatres and entertainment facilities in the region.

But, listen! The clocks are set up on the facade of the theatre building, high on the front. While you have been reading this text, arrows have come to the the best time – the beginning of a play. Hurry there or a fairytale starts without you! You can’t let this happen. Moreover, you have been notified.

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, Gomel , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 314 km
, Gomel , Belarus
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