Holy Protection Church in the village of Turec

Holy Protection Church in the village of Turec


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You will find the Church of the Intercession in the heart of the Belarusian agro-town of Turets. The church is a significant monument of Turets. Its history began in 1747. Initially, it was a wooden building. It was rebuilt 80 years later. After a while, it was in bad condition and required reconstruction. Due to the diligence of local people, who had been collecting money for ten years, a unique architectural object appeared in Turets in 1888. It was a church, built of natural quarry stone in the neoclassical style. The Church of the Intercession was built in accordance with the project of architect Felitsian Burak. Ten men from neighboring villages and six local men were chosen for the construction of the church. Their names were immortalized on a bronze board in the church.

The church is timeless. Revolutions, persecutions, bad weather did not change the appearance of Intercession Church. Even in Soviet times, the church doors were open for parishioners. Nowadays, there are many icons written in the XVIII-XIX centuries.

What unique relics can be found in the Church of the Intercession? For example, there is the icon of the Holy Virgin brought from Mount Athos, located in Greek Macedonia.

The iconostasis was made by G. Loyko, who also installed a throne from cypress wood.

Residents gave many icons to the church such as the icon of the “Mourning” Mother of God and the icon in honor of St. Elisha Lavrishevsky – one of the most mysterious figures of Belarus. There are many legends and theories about his life.

In Turets, Barbara Feodorovna and Fedorov Ivan Mikhailovich got married in the Church of the Intercession – he was a Belarusian writer, who was known under the pseudonym Yanka Mavr. The wedding rite was held in 1909, the bride of Yanka Mavr was already a married woman and had three children. Belarusian writer wrote “Amok”, “The son of water”, “Palesse Robinsons” and “Away from the Darkness”.

The Church of the Intercession of Turets agro-town is a holy place that keeps a rich history, ancient relics and, of course, the boundless faith of all the parishioners of Turets. You will see a stone monument with a metal cross near the gates of the Church of the Intercession. It is necessary to make an effort in order to read the inscription in Latin. Not far from the church, you may see a monument dedicated to the Soviet heroes who died during the war.

Two ancient crosses located near to the Church of the Intercession attract guests of the town. A father and his son were buried there, they gave their lives for their country... Travelers and local people come to this place to touch the sacred monument and make a wish. The Church of the Intercession is located in the heart of the agro-town, on a picturesque hill. Therefore, you will find this wonderful church easily.

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