Holy Intercession church in the village of Korma

Holy Intercession church in the village of Korma


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Korma is a small village in Gomel region. But, despite its small size, it has something to look at. One of these attractions is the Holy Intercession church, built in this village. The church was erected in 1907, but its history began much earlier.

History tells that in 1760 a church was built in honour of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin on the very outskirts of the village. Over time, the temple became very dilapidated, unusable for services state. During its examination it was decided, that there was no necessity to restore the old building, but a new was to be built. Thus, in the early 20th century, the construction was started. The place for building was not chosen by chance: it was indicated by holy righteous Johann Kormyansky.

In 1907 Johann Kormyansky and local priest Nikolai Stradomsky consecrated the church and held the first divine service there. Its direct functions were performed by the church until 1926, and it was closed down with the arrival of the Soviet authorities, like many other churches. The building stood empty for some time, and afterwards it was used as a grain storage. When the Great Patriotic War began, the building was used as a stable, and later as a military hospital. But there is a place in this story for the event, that decided the fate of the church. One day a German Lutheran priest came to the village, looked at the church building and decided that it was necessary to hold Lutheran services there. One day, during a regular service, an icon fell on the Lutheran priest’s head. He interpreted this case as a warning from God and decided, that this church should be Orthodox after all. The Germans agreed with this and brought an Orthodox priest from the neighboring village, and he was the one, who served there during the war.

When the war was over, the Soviet authorities removed the domes from the temple, but the local residents did their best for the church to stay opened. In 1991, the relics of St. John Kormyansky, who played a huge role in the destiny of the church, were presented to the temple. In addition, other unique holy objects are kept in the church - these are the miraculous icons of the Mother of God the Skoroposlushnitsa and the Mother of God of Vladimir, as well as the ark with the pieces of holy saints’ relics.

Today the church in the village of Korma is visited by Orthodox believers not only from different parts of Belarus, but also from other countries of the near and far abroad. The local people beautificate the territory near the church, do everything so that its appearance wouldn’t change over time. Beautiful celebratory services are held there during every Orthodox church holiday. Being in Gomel region, be sure to visit this holy place in order to enjoy peace and tranquility.

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