St. Andrew's Church in Minsk


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Свято-Андреевский храм в Минске1
Свято-Андреевский храм в Минске
Свято-Андреевский храм в Минске2
Свято-Андреевский храм в Минске1
Свято-Андреевский храм в Минске
Свято-Андреевский храм в Минске2

In honor of the Apostle Andrew

The reservoir of Chizhovka is located on the outskirts of Minsk. One of the main attractions of the Chizhovka, remote from the center of the Belarusian capital district, is Church of Saint Andrew.

Created by the parishioners

The appearance of this temple is associated with legends, never had to live through this Church and destruction, wars, fires. History of St. Andrew's Church began in 1995. At that time, formed the religious consciousness of the population. So, on the future site of the temple was the tent in which during the construction of the temple worship services were held. People came here and prayed, donated to charity. Only in 2009 the Church building was constructed.

The Shrines of Church

Such a long period of construction of the Church connected also that they had to paint the Church walls and ceilings. So, for painting the altar alone took a month. We can't not to mention the great work of the masters who decorated the dome of the temple. Depicted on the inside of the dome not only Jesus but all the apostles and prophets.

In the Saint Andrew Church there are the icons of many saints. Also in the temple there is the image of the blessed virgin with the upcoming Anthony and Theodosius of the caves.

Near the Church stands the building of the Sunday school.

Course for students

It is noteworthy that in Sunday school at the Church has developed a special course in religious studies for students. It is also important that the Church held a charity work. In the parish in the service of the deacons are busy, there are eight priests and sisters. All they care about disabled people, poor people, infirm elderly. Help to others is what lies at the heart of Christianity.

A Disciple Of Christ

Not for nothing one of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ, the Apostle Andrew has become an inspiration to believers for their deeds. It is known that Andrew was on the territory of Belarus. The Apostle was engaged in preaching the faith in Eastern Europe. In honor of the Saint was consecrated Church of Saint Andrew.

Knowledge of religious doctrines, righteous lifestyle – that's what life principles can be heard by going on a tour to this Church. In the temple teach kindness from an early age. During liturgies conversations priest with parishioners. A visit to the Church during worship, it is also possible for tourists. There are no prohibitions. It is sufficient to tie a scarf women on your head and be in a skirt, men must enter the Church without hats. All the same, as in any other Orthodox Church. Only here to hear about Andrew first-called here more often than anywhere else. You should include this Church in the list to visit in Minsk, as its meaning for Orthodox Christians is of paramount importance. After all, created by parishioners, it is open now to all people as an example of selfless service to God.

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