Stationary Exhibition in Peter the Great’s Log Hut “A Promenade along Nizhne-Pokrovskaya”

Stationary Exhibition in Peter the Great’s Log Hut “A Promenade along Nizhne-Pokrovskaya”



The History of appearance of the Stationary Exhibition in Peter the Great’s Log Hut
“A Promenade along Nizhne-Pokrovskaya”

The rather new exposition called “A Promenade along Nizhne-Pokrovskaya” was created in 1998 and it is placed in Peter the Great’s Log Hut in the Polotsk district. There is hardly another such stationary exhibition. It was based on one of the most valuable expositions of 1910 – “The Guide to the Town of Polotsk” that had been created on account of carrying the relics of St Euphrosyne of Polotsk fr om Kiev to Polotsk.

The Peter the Great’s Log Hut that is a valuable cultural and historical monument of the XVII century was constructed in late 1692 in Baroque style that was rather popular at the time. This log hut was the place wh ere the greatest of the Russian governors lived during the war between the Northern Coalition and Sweden for the possession of Baltic lands of 1700-1721 that is known as “the Great Northern War”. A short time later the building was often restored and renovated.  The log hut is made in Baroque and presents a building consisting of only one storey of irregular rectangular shape. The entrance doors are ornamented with woodcarving. The windows and façade of the building are decorated in the same way.

For a long time there was the Lev Tolstoy Children’s Library in Peter the Great’s Log Hut. On this account there was installed a monument to this great writer not far away from the log hut.

The Description of the Exhibition “A Promenade along Nizhne-Pokrovskaya” in Polotsk

The originality of this exhibition lies in the fact that it is the first and, perhaps, the only and unique one in the territory of Belarus that is dedicated to a short part of history of a particular street during a particular period of 1910.

The street on which the exposition is based has been known as Nizhne-Pokrovskaya since 1781. Its name is connected with the reconstruction of the Temple of the Holy Protection (Pokrovsky) in the outskirts of this street whose building was more than once burnt. There were a lot of attempts to reconstruct it, but it has gained its original appearance only these days.

Nizhne-Pokrovskaya St. is 97 meters of history. The whole exposition presents over 200 museum pieces. At the exhibit you can learn what people lived at the time, what their everyday life was like: what they wore, ate, did, how they treated sick people. Besides, apart from people’s life, at the exhibit you can get acquainted with interesting ancient interior of the then burgher and noble houses. According to the guide there were reconstituted: a chemist’s, a bank, a guest house and “Mints’ Trading Market”. Each exposition comprises the rarest ancient items that were recreated exactly according to the guide of Polotsk of that time.

Peter the Great’s Log Hut as well as the whole exhibition complex of Polotsk attracts numerous tourists that take a holiday in this area. The excursion around interesting expositions of this building is included in some tour itineraries. This small mysterious house attracts many people; perhaps, some travellers will manage to discover its mysteries.


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