St Peter and Paul’s Cathedral in Gomel


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The Cathedral of St Peter and Paul is located in the beautiful park of the Gomel city. It was built on the bank of the river Sozh near the Palace of the Rumyantsev-Paskevich.

Nikolay Petrovich Rumyantsev, who after the death of his father became the owner of Gomel, decided to build a temple in honor of St Apostles Peter and Paul. He sent a letter to the Metropolitan with a drawing of a temple applied and received approval for the construction. The construction of the temple took in a total 10 years. Almost half of this time was spent to decorate the temple with expensive ornament, to purchase all necessary for its inner decoration. All necessary for the temple was brought by Count Rumyantsev from St. Petersburg. The cathedral is designed in the architectural style of classicism, and its height is 25 meters.

Count Rumyantsev bequeathed to bury him after the death in the temple. After this it was decided that near the temple a small chapel-tomb would be constructed.

The Cathedral of St Apostles Peter and Paul was constructed by the architect Clark who was very popular at the time.

The Cathedral was built on the bank of the Sozh in the beautiful park, and one can see it from afar off.

From the very beginning of the temple’s work there were kept the relics of St. Nicholas and other saints within its walls, but they have not survived up to now. In 1824 it was decided to consecrate the temple in honor of the St Apostles Peter and Paul. In 1907 the temple acquired the status of a cathedral.

With the accession to power of the Soviet government, the cathedral, like many others at the time, was closed. The building remained safe only because there was established the exhibition of the Historical Museum.

During the Great Patriotic War it was decided with the efforts of priests and local residents, parishioners that there will be held prayer services. It was until 1960. That year there was held the last service in the temple, and after the closure the building of the temple hosted a planetarium. During many years there was held correspondence in order to return its original functions to the temple and to transfer the building to the believers. Only in 1989 after the long correspondence and petitions the faithful were given the keys of the temple. The restoration lasted about a year, there were returned icons that had been transferred to other temples after the closure. In 1990 there was held the first divine service in the temple.

In 2011 the temple got as a gift the Holy Cross with a particle of the Cross of the Lord.

The Cathedral of St Peter and Paul is very popular among the residents of Gomel, guests and tourists from other towns. The Temple of St Apostles Peter and Paul is a gem of the Gomel Park. Every day the temple is visited by about a hundred people. Each of them comes to the temple with their problems, thoughts, joys and sorrows. But eventually, they all go out calm and at peace. Arriving in Gomel, all should visit this amazing place to get acquainted with its architecture, history, to plunge into the world of spiritualization and tranquility.

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