The Resinous-Wood Distillery in Troki

The Resinous-Wood Distillery in Troki

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Not all the attractions of Belarus are represented in the form of traditional stone and wood buildings, statues and monuments, paintings and books. There are quite remarkable patterns too. As the country’s main industrial attraction – the resinous-wood distillery in Troki.

Pre-Soviet period

Being located on the Nalibokskaya forest territory, the resinous-wood distillery belonged to the local gentry for many years. The forest manufacturing included the famous all around the neighborhood production of resin, tar and turpentine for several hundred years. This kind of activity was very conducive to the Nalibokskaya forest zone as there were several resinous-wood distilleries in the surrounding areas. And the production fame extended far beyond Belarus.

If you enter the resinous-wood distillery territory today, you will see the huge barrels located here or in other words budas. It is them where the process of tar and potash making, resin distilling and wood charring occurred in. In short, there were all the procedures related to the forest manufacturing.

Under the Soviet rule

Perhaps it was the Soviet policy that caused resinous-wood distilleries to be abandoned and dilapidated in the Nalibokskaya forest’s heart today. The fact that, according to the collectivism concept, numerous resinous-wood distilleries were to be united under the local forestry guidance. People even contrived a special word for it - "Himdym".

However, many people were not satisfied with it. First, well-to-do class of people left the territory - the local lords and princes. Afterwards the peasants themselves left their work. Thus, the resinous-wood distillery’s territory in Troki has become useless and only nature reigns there in its own way.

It is interesting that once getting on the territory, a strange feeling comes that all the workers have simply moved somewhere and will soon return to their usual work again. The fact is that a lot of things and equipment were left just like that in a hurry, and though the time and weather conditions have caused irreparable harm to this open-air museum, many composition components still keep the history of centuries.

It is possible that the undiminishing interest in the resinous-wood distillery in Troki result in separate excursions appearance here. This is particularly relevant if taking into account a favorable composition location - the middle of the well-known Nalibokskaya forest, which is famous for its incredible scenery and the surrounding air cleanness. And thanks to the nearby village of Troki the access to such a remote corner of the country is considerably facilitated.

Among the other noteworthy sights of the dense forest, Lavrishevsky monastery being located on the right bank of the river Neman, the Kroman lake, the landscape reserve, many rare representatives of the local flora and fauna listed in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus are worth mentioning. Among the contemporary "entertainments" - the residence of Ded Moroz, guest houses for family rest, "the settlement" of beaver houses and so on.

Being in the Nalibokskaya forest area you should visit the famous smolokurnya. After all, there can be little left of it in the coming years - with each year passed more and more composition components are destroyed by the nature forces.

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