Ikonnikov’s square in Brest

Ikonnikov’s square in Brest


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Ikonnikov’s square in Brest is a wonderful place in the city upon the Bug to rest, to walk and to breathe fresh air.

This small and cozy square is situated in the west part of the city between Lenin and Komunisticheskaya Street. It was laid several months later after the release from fascist occupants on July, 28, 1944. The total square of the park is 1, 5 hectares.

Who is the general Ikonnikov?

The native citizen of Kazakhstan, Major General Nikolay Ikonnikov was an outstanding person at the Great Patriotic War. He took part in Staliningrad battle and run construction of fortifying at Don Front. The successful erecting of fortifying at Kursk Arch was managed by him too.

During the Bobruisk operation, Ikonnikov was the Deputy Chief of Staff of the 1st Belarusian Front. He got a lot of awards for taking part in war operation. Those were the order of the Great Patriotic War, the order of the Red Colours and the medal “For Slalinigrad defense”.

He died in a car crash after the release of Brest on October, 2, 1944. General Ikonnikov was buried in the park that bears his name. There is his monument on his grave in the park.

What can you see in the square?

Brest is one of the greenest Belarusian cities. The park contributes a lot to make city ecological system better.

The park was reconstructed in 2010. Now there are new benches and pedestrian paths. Chestnuts, maples and thujas were planted. The transplantation of full-grown tree was supported by special German machine “Optimal 1800”. The park changed Due to the reconstruction, it became more modern and cozy.

The monument on Ikonnikov’s grave is in the centre of the park. People call it “A tankman’s monument”. It is a composition about tragedy of history and pain of losing.

There is an architectural monument of the 20th century, the colony house “Tartak” (the architect is Yulian Lisetsky) in the north part of the park. There has been a department of one of the local banks since 2009.

What can you find near the park?

It’s comfortable to spend your free time here. It’s calm and clean here. The park is situated in the historical part of the city and there are commercial and sport establishments nearby.

  • Regional sport complex “Brestsky”. You may do some exercises before going logging in the park. There is also a gym, a sauna and a hotel “5 Rings”.
  • Brest dramatic theatre is situated in Theatre Street. It was opened on October, t, 1944.
  • The museum of survived values. The exposition of the museum consists of the things that were seized while being removed from the country. There are such items as Chinese vases, jewelries and even a real sketch of Vrublevsky’s “Prostrated Demon”.

Ikonnikov’s square is a place of festivals and dating in Brest. Sometimes art exhibitions are organized here.

Source: https://brest.flatbook.by/putevoditel/skver-im-ikonnikova/  

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