"The Postman" sculpture in Minsk

"The Postman" sculpture in Minsk


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At the cinema "October" it is impossible to pass without stopping to admire the remarkable bronze postman. Perhaps this is one of the most popular tourist sculptures to take photos whereas it can be considered as a duty of the every visitor of the capital.

A worthy gift

It is noteworthy that the handwork of talented artists was donated to the city by the newspaper "Hand to hand". No wonder it was the newspaper the famous postman "stopped" to read in honor. Another element of the composition is an indispensable bicycle.

The Grand opening of the sculpture took place in 2005, namely September 9, on the city Day. And it happened quite in a funny way. The thing is that when they removed the bedspread underneath traditional for such cases the audience saw three postmen. And what was their surprise, when two of them got on their bikes and began to ride around the astonished witnesses. They were actors, for authenticity painted with "bronze" paint. They gave everyone a free weekday.

The authors of the project were notorious Vladimir Zhbanov, talented Eugeny Kolchev and Lenin prize winner, the architect Yuri Gradov. This is a pretty solid composition weighing about 700 pounds. The process of its manufacture is complicated by the fact that it contains a lot of many small parts, so the creators had to spend a lot of time and effort for production collection of the order of hundreds of parts.

For example, a particularly technically difficult was the process of making copies of the newspaper "Vecherny Minsk" and "Minsk courier", which can be seen from the bag of the postman. In addition cross body bags, the figure slim built and also has glasses and no less famous professional attribute which is a cap.

Sculpture and print

Despite the fact that the immediate location, "the Postman" is the area in front of the cinema "October", where there is the key printing building – press House and the Belarusian house of press located nearby. Thus, the position of the shape is quite symbolic.

Another interesting fact is that the cost of the newspaper "hand to hand" has this admirable offering. To date, the amount is precisely known is twenty thousand dollars. However, the composition is definitely worth it.

Few people know that in Minsk there are only two postmen who are are male. Except, of course, for the bronze statues.

"The postman" is not the only bronze sculpture in Minsk, dedicated to the representatives of a particular profession or occupation. And most of them belong to the talented hands of Vladimir Zhbanov. "Merchant" on the Western market, large-scale composition of the clowns at the entrance to the circus, "Attendant" at the entrance to the famous city bath, a tribute to the architects and urban planners of all time – sculpture "the Architect" and many others. They beautify the capital and make it even more interesting not only for foreign visitors but for residents. You won't be bored here!

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