A school museum in Myory

A school museum in Myory



The town of Myory, lost on the vast map of Vitebsk region, despite the small size and small population, is well known not only in Vitebsk region but on the whole territory of the Republic of Belarus. And all are thanks to an amazing Man with a capital letter - the teacher of history, ethnographer and traveler Witold Antonovich Ermalenko who made every effort to create a school Museum in Miory, not having analogues in Belarus. Belarusians are lucky to live in the same time with such a multi-sided personality!

The town of Myory was first mentioned in chronicles of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 1514 under the melodious name of Mereya. In the following historical documents of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania the town had a new name - Mery, which existed until the 19th century. A dramatic fate was prepared for the small town of Vitebsk region.  After a partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth the town became a part of the Russian Empire, and in the 20-ies of the last century it was passed to Poland to become a part of the BSSR in the late 30-ies. 

Generous Myory land is famous for historical-cultural monuments and ancient Park Complexes. But nowadays Myory has become widely known thanks to one enthusiast – Witold Antonovich Ermalenko who founded on the basis of a simple school a real museum of Ethnography, where for dozens of years were had been collected thousands of findings starting with rare coins and ending with rare editions fr om different eras and continents. As the keen teacher says many things were discovered by chance. An interesting hobby of the ordinary Belarusian teacher with glowing eyes, who devoted his whole life to it, became the main attraction of the small town.

Today many tourists come to the school museum in Myory. Witold Antonovich finds absolutely unique for the Belarusian land exemplars beginning with a jar with Polish money of the 30-ies and till an ancient dinar of Emperor Maximilian. The museum has a special exhibit – a rare book of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in French of 1795. Any most famous Museum in the world would envy such a find!

Military clothes, a Japanese vase, a mammoth's tooth... The list of findings strikes with its diversity. No professional local history Museums could be compared with the brainchild of Ermalenko.  In 1996 three full-fledged exhibitions received the deserved title of national Museum on the official level. And these all started with the fact that in the 80-ies of the last century the exposition on the basis of secondary school No. 3 was given the status of Museum.

During the years of its productive life the school museum in Myory welcomed thousands of tourists, a great amount of excursions were held, where Witold Antonovich himself told about the dear findings. The exposition covers the history of Myory district from ancient times to the last century.

The school museum in Myory is engaged in active educational activities. Under the patronage of Witold Ermalenko was created the circle “Argonauts of the past”, wh ere schoolchildren study the history of their native land and are always happy to help the beloved teacher. 

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