Town Hall in Mogilev

Town Hall in Mogilev


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One of the most interesting sights of Mogilev is the town hall. The need to have its own town hall appeared due to the acquirement of the Magdeburg law by the town. A wooden municipal building was erected in 1578, it has been constantly exposed to fires. 

It was decided to construct a stone building in the autumn of 1679. The engineering works took almost twenty years, despite the fact that the main building of the town hall was erected in 1681. The master Feski conducted the construction. The construction of the tower was initially carried out during 4 years by the architect Krusberg from Bykhov; however, his creation came crashing down and a new tower 38m high was constructed on its ruins. The result is a two-storey building. Two entries led into the building – front and courtyard ones, each of which had a porch. The first floor of the town hall served as the seat of courts of local importance. It also hosted a clerical office. The second floor of the municipal building sat served as the seat of the magistrate. In the basement of the town hall, the Treasury was kept, there were also warehouses and rooms for imprisonment of criminals before the court. Rooms were heated with tiled stoves and the first floor was connected with the second by a staircase. Outside the walls of the hall were covered with plaster. The round window of the town hall was decorated with beautiful shutters. The tower was crowned with a dome with a steeple. Besides, the tower housed a large clock. 

In 1773, it was agreed to reconstruct completely the building of the town hall in order to make it better fit the overall appearance of the town, that is to say, it began to be more consistent with  the style of Classicism. During the Great Patriotic War, the main building of the town was so damaged that the project on its restoration could be developed only in 1953. However, the project was not to be realized, and the town hall building was completely demolished in 1957. In 1979, A. Trusov carried out archaeological excavations on the site of the former town hall; and as a result, the scientist and his team discovered an ancient foundation and remains of walls. Besides, there were even found elements of the interior of the town hall. All of those contributed to the further development of the project on the construction of a new building of the town hall in the same place. 

In 1992, the foundation stone laying symbolic ceremony became a step forward the restoration of the town hall. In 2007, the intensive engineering works were started, resulting in the opening of the town hall just a year later. On the main facade of the tower there was restored a unique feature of the town hall - its clock that was designed under the project of Gennady Vasilyevich Golovchik. And the building was decorated with a mechanical figure of a town trumpeter in 2014. The townspeople gave the sculpture by voting the name of Magislav.

The town hall in Mogilev is a beautiful building with a hard history and unique architecture. It is the true embodiment of how the Belarusians gently treat and respect the history of their country.

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