Suspension Bridge: Amazing Landmark in Mosty

Suspension Bridge: Amazing Landmark in Mosty


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Suspension, or hanging bridge - a structure that is almost entirely composed of flexible elements. The main pedestrian or roadway is suspended on special cables, chains or strong ropes. Despite the apparent instability and fragility, suspension bridges are popular. They are built everywhere, because these designs look harmonious and graceful.

Do you know that you can see the suspension bridge in Belarus? In this case, it is not necessary to fly overseas to San Francisco. Of course, the suspension bridge in Mosty (the city is located in the Grodno region of Belarus) is far fr om being so large-scale, and yet it is one of the main reasons that attracts tourists to this small town of Grodno region.

The history of the suspension bridge in Mosty

The name of the town says: it was here that the longest suspension bridge in Belarus was destined to appear. Its length is more than 190 meters, while the width of the pedestrian part is one and a half meters. The district center is divided into two by the Neman, which is why there are so many crossings of completely different shapes and sizes. But the undoubted leader among them and the real hallmark of Mosty is the suspension bridge.

The history of this sights of Belarus began in 1972. The author of the idea is Yevgeny Radkevich, who at that time was the general director of Mostodrev and had a hand in the construction of crossings over mountain rivers in Siberia and Asia. Locals needed a new bridge: before it appeared, the crossing over the Neman was carried out with the help of boats and a pontoon bridge, which, you see, is not as convenient as the fixed structure. Therefore, Radkevich decided to make every effort to translate his vision into reality.

Creating a bridge project took six weeks. When the drawings were ready, Yevgeny Radkevich himself went to the secretary of the district party committee to approve them. Soon the construction was given good. Already in the winter of 1973, when the Neman was icebound, the bridge was first assembled and installed over the river. He was put into operation on the eve of the summer, after numerous tests.

Waiting for overhaul of the suspension bridge

The construction, delighting locals, stood 21 years. However, as well as any bridge of the similar plan, capital repairs became necessary for it. It was decided to cut the ropes on which he held: the amount needed for the repair - 5 billion Belarusian rubles - was fabulous at that time, and could not collect it in time.

Then the chairman of the district executive committee, Alexander Apolon, stood up for the most interesting sight of the Mosty. He asked for the preservation of the unique design of the Council of Ministers Chairman Stanislav Bryl, when he visited Mosty for working,. And his request was heard. The bridge was repaired for half a year: it became taller and stronger, the wooden flooring and cables were replaced with new ones. Locals even joking about this: because of the strength they have lost one of their favorite pastimes - rocking the bridge. The guys liked to do this especially when they were walking along it with girls in high heels. How much was the squeal when they grabbed the railing, so as not to fall!

The last repair was carried out here in 2011, and since then the suspension bridge in Mosty is under the jurisdiction of the city utilities.

Hallmark of Mosty in our time

Now Bridges can not be imagined without a unique bridge. In addition to its direct destination - the unification of the two banks of the Neman - it means a lot to people as a cultural object. Locals like to walk along it, and guests of the city take pictures of it. And just like 45 years ago, it is customary to confess love in it. Traveling through the Grodno region, be sure to take a look here: wh ere else can you see a wonderful suspension bridge across one of the most beautiful rivers of Belarus!

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