The Solo Exhibition of the Sculptor Andrey Ostashov

The Solo Exhibition of the Sculptor Andrey Ostashov


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Are you interested in modern art? If it is so, you should visit the solo exhibition of our sculptor Andrey Ostashov that is located in the city Minsk in one of the most beautiful places — in the Trinity Suburb in M. Bogdanovich Street, 1.

Andrey Ostashov was born on 26 October 1970 in the town Lida of the Grodno region. He is known in the Republic of Belarus and other countries as an artist and, of course, a sculptor. Do you know that Andrey Ostashov since 2005 has been a member of such an organization as the Belarusian Union of Artists, as a sculptor? Ostashov A.A. lives and works in Minsk and uses such materials as stone and bronze for his works.

You must be curious to know that Ostashov A.A. has taken part in hundreds of exhibitions and plein-airs held in the Republic of Belarus and far beyond the country. He has been the prize winner of countless artistic and architectural competitions. It is remarkable that Andrey Ostashov was highly assessed as he received a scholarship of the Ministers of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Poland and was an intern at the Cracow Academy of Arts.

The participation in exhibitions for Ostashov A.A. was not a mere formality. Judge for yourselves, as a result of various contests, his works have been awarded with various diplomas.

As recognition of the talent of Ostashov, A. A., his works are always in a variety of expositions, for example, in the National Art Museum of Belarus that has bought some of his works, in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Arts in Malaga in Spain.

If you still doubt whether to go or not to the solo exhibition of A.A. Ostashov in the street of M. Bogdanovich, 1 that is in the Trinity Suburb and by the way to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of our capital, built in the styles of classicism and eclecticism, you should know that since 2013 his solo exhibition has been held at the exhibition hall of the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg that includes more than 100 sculptures and graphic works of the author. And in 2015 Ostashov represented the country at one of the forums of the European world with the project "Eurasia". Today A.A. Ostashov is the only one who has solo exhibitions beyond the Republic of Belarus.

It is noteworthy that the basis of the author's works is mythical stories of various times and peoples. Here there is an oriental flavor connected with European traditions. Ostashov's sculptures are plastic and light. His works show the deep belief that people living in Europe and Asia are no longer divided into people of the East and West. He travels to the East with this idea. In order to better understand his works, you should know that the sculptor has several main themes. These are a typical female character that passes the way from being a teenage girl to a real woman, and a series of male characters in the image of samurais. You might also like the author's works in the field of modern myth. Shaded and painted bronze in the hands of the master turns into a thoughtful girls in armor, mythological heroes, fantastic characters. As the author says, he aims to capture the image of a certain person; he communicates to the audience the vision of his own world through this generalized image, forcing to read this message.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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