The Park of Peoples’ Friendship in Minsk


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Many travelers often choose for themselves the most favorite and exciting places they have visited. However, if we talk about the journey to the capital of Belarus, many are surprised by how “green” Minsk city is. Sometimes it seems that the whole city is a single large park.  In the parks of the city of Minsk people truly relax and admire the beautiful nature.

It should be noted that a real heritage of the capital is the Park of Peoples’ Friendship which was opened in 1978 and for more than 35 years has not been changed. The huge area of this Park is about 70 hectares and is divided into two parts by Orlovskaya Street, into the so-called Southern and Northern parts.

A fascinating fact is that at the beginning of the last century on the place where the Park is now, was a large swamp. Besides that the Minsk experienced marsh station was founded on its base.  It was the only one of its kind scientific organization on the territory of the USSR. The Belarusian people began to study land reclamation in this place. A huge amount of time was given to questions of agricultural management on reclaimed areas. The personal nursery was founded in 1924, where they were busy with growing different trees, in order to observe their growth on this soil. Nowadays you can find many of those trees in the Park of Peoples’ Friendship.

Only in the 1970ies the Minsk experienced marsh station stopped working. Originally on the place of this station it was planned to build a sports complex, then the parent enterprise of the Central Botanical garden of the Academy of Sciences of the BSSR; however, because of difficulties with funding it was decided to establish a Park in the image of an agro botanical garden. Actually, the famous Park of Peoples' Friendship in Minsk appeared in such a way.

In 2002 in the Park of Peoples’ Friendship was installed a sculptural composition which is called by the locals as “Belarusian happiness”. In this composition there is depicted a stork against the background of a huge horseshoe that is a symbol of pacification and good luck. 

The Park of Peoples' Friendship in Minsk, in the coming time, expects a thorough reform. There are some assumptions that a fountain as an imitation of clock will be put near the entrance. Also in the Northern part there will be a Museum of sculptures under the open sky with the name “Bird’s Paradise”, and in the heart of the Park there will be a monument to the languages of the peoples of the world. On this monument there will be immortalized the words “life” and “peace” in different languages of the world. Only the birch grove will remain unchanged, because it is the special heritage of this Park.

The Republic of Belarus is famous for its hospitality all over the world. As a result, it is absolutely no wonder that the Park of Peoples' Friendship in Minsk is so attractive for foreign travelers who came to relax in this wonderful city. Visits of this amazing park are included in many natural history tours of Minsk as well as in weekend tours throughout the whole country.


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