The monument to Poet Yanka Kupala in Minsk

The monument to Poet Yanka Kupala in Minsk


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A memorial to the great poet Yanka Kupala was placed in the square of the same name in 1972. The erection of this monument in Minsk was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of this great writer and poet, playwright and writer, Yanka Kupala.

The square, where you can see the monument, was laid in 1949 and is located on a bank of the river Svisloch. There is an opinion that originally a place for the memorial to this poet was reserved in the creation and planning of this Park, however, as a result, the place has been empty for more than twenty years.

Everyone knows that Yanka Kupala is just a pseudonym; the real name of the darling poet is Lutsevich Ivan Dominikovich. He is a holder of numerous literary prizes and awards. A huge number of streets and squares, libraries and theatres both in our country and in Russia were called in honor of Yanka Kupala. His literary heritage has acquired a so-called “new life”, because all key and significant works of the poet were translated into many foreign languages and became well known all over the world.  

Yanka Kupala together with his friend Ya.Kolas was a founder of modern Belarusian literature. Both the celebrated poets were born in the same year, created their works in the same time, as a result it is absolutely no coincidence the monument to Yanka Kupala in Minsk was erected in the same year 1972. This year was marked with two significant anniversaries, one of which was the 90th anniversary since the birth of the popular Belarusian poet Yanka Kupala.

This memorial is the full-length figure of Yanka Kupala. It is placed on a massive pedestal, the poet holds a cane in his hand, the cloak is fluttering behind his back — this is the image that represents Kupala-fighter. Left hand pressed to the heart and closed eyes show him in a moment of reverie and inspiration. At the foot of the monument there is depicted a fern flower, it is a symbol of eternity, unquenchable creativity and purity.  

The memorial to Yanka Kupala in Minsk is an obligatory place to visit included in a great number of literary excursions, and is a great success with fans of this amazing poet. There are only two similar monuments to Yanka Kupala, the other one is erected in Moscow. A whole writing team worked on the creation of this monument: the sculptors A.Zaspitsky, A.Anikeichik, L.Gumilevsky and the architects Yu.Gradov and L.Levin.

A tendency to grand-scale and thorough solidity was typical for Soviet architecture in all centuries. As a result it is no coincidence that the monument to Yanka Kupala is of a quite solid size.  The trees that rise above the figure of this beloved poet conceal its real size.

The monument to Yanka Kupala is considered to be a standard of Soviet architecture. The best tribute to the poet is the Belarusian word that sounded and will always sound at poetic meetings. Both the Park itself and the monument to Yanka Kupala is a real pearl among emerald islands of Minsk center.


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