V. Lenin monument in Mozyr

V. Lenin monument in Mozyr


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In the south-east of Belarusian Polesye, on the right bank of the river Pripyat, on that place, where its bed gradually flows into the Dnieper, one of the most ancient towns of Belarus – Mozyr is situated.

Its first mentioning dates back to 1155. It is located on quite a raised area, that you can notice just travelling across its roads. The town is surrounded with water bodies on all sides that along with the relief gives it unbelievable beauty.

The most noticeable monument of Gomel region to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, which reminds the locals of the Soviet epoch time, is located in Mozyr as in many other Belarusian towns. And as we can guess, it stands on Lenin Square – cultural and historical town centre.

Until 1928, an honours board had been located on that place on the main square of the town, and the monument to the world proletariat leader was established in 1928. It was at those years when the monuments to Vladimir Lenin were started to be established across the USSR space. All of them were of different size, each of them had its own unique composition.

During the Great Patriotic War, the monument was taken down, and the German troops began using the central square as honourable Reich sigh establishment.

The square stood empty not long without Vladimir Lenin monument: the reconstruction works were started in 1947. However, a different place was chosen: the building of Soviets house had been burnt during the war, and the monument was established on its site. It faces the building, where the town government is located nowadays.

In 1970, the town authorities decided that the monument should be on the other place and moved it to the town’s embankment. However, after some time, it became clear that it should be located still on the square, and it was moved back. It was renovated a little, a banner was added from behind.

Altogether sixteen monuments to Vladimir Lenin were established in the town of Mozyr once, but only eight of them have been left over time. The main one, as it was pointed, is located on Lenin Square.

Due to the impacts of natural forces, the paint began to peel off on the monument, and the monument itself started to crumble a little. But the local authorities did a huge work on its reconstruction only to preserve the values of the Soviet epoch. Thus, works on its renewal are conducted from time to time, both paint on the monument, pedestal on which it stands, and the banner is refreshed. It is made on the eve of the most significant Soviet dates, as well as before Vladimir Lenin’s birthday – on 22 of July.

A suggestion to take the monument down was made several times, but the local authorities haven’t ventured to do this and preserved it. Thus, the monument stands on Lenin Square in the town of Mozyr today, which shows the local residents and the town visitors the way to better tomorrow. Coming to Mozyr you ought to visit Lenin Square and look at the main monument in the town!




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