The Monument to Stanislav Norbut in Braslav

The Monument to Stanislav Norbut in Braslav


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The geographical location

Braslav is located on the territory of Vitebsk region. Near the town is one of the most famous tourist sites in Belarus – Braslav lakes system. From Braslav to Minsk there is a distance of 241 km.

The historical information

The first mention of the town dates back to 1065. The name of the town is associated with the name of the prince of Polotsk Bryachislav Izyaslavovich.

Since the XIV century Braslav was part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The third partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795 led to the fact that the town became part of the Russian Empire as a county center.

During the occupation of Napoleon's army, Marshal Ney disposed his headquarters in Braslav during nine days. After the war the destroyed buildings were reconstructed, and the town was unrecognizable: over fifteen hundred people lived there; there were buildings of a distillery, hospital and school.

In 1922 the town became part of Poland and in 1939 it came to possession of the BSSR.

Today Braslav is one of the most popular towns visited by tourists. The well-developed economy and transportation system of the town gives it great prospects for development.

The today population of the town is not more than 10 thousand people.

The attractions

Among the numerous attractions of Braslav the monument to Stanislav Norbut is of special interest –the monument to a native of the Grodno region, a well-known surgeon.

Stanislav Norbut was born in Shavry in the family of a military engineer. After graduating from the Vilno School, the future surgeon entered the Munich University, and in 1897 he completed his doctorate.

His medical activities led Narbutt to Braslav, where before his arrival there had been only one doctor providing services beyond the means of poor people. In 1904 Stanislav Narbutt asked permission of the governor of Kovno to become a doctor of the second district, and he could not get refuse. Norbut worked a county doctor until 1915.

Many townspeople know Stanislav Narbutt primarily as the founder of the hospital. In 1904 the erection of a hospital building was started, it was partially funded by the doctor himself. The engineering works lasted only a year and a half; the building of the hospital was in use until 1994.

Stanislav Norbut practiced surgery, as well as treated patients with gynecological, ophthalmological and otorhinolaryngological diseases. Besides, the comprehensive knowledge in medicine let the doctor practice obstetrics and treat infectious diseases.

The doctor of Braslav looked beyond his medical activities. Under his leadership a troupe of the amateur theater acted, a local newspaper was published and a fire brigade was formed.

After being wounded during the First World War, Stanislav Norbut returned to medical practice. The onset of the Polish authorities that took away the building of the hospital could not break down the doctor. Only at the age of 72 the doctor left his job. Stanislav Norbut died in 1926.

The construction of the monument to Stanislav Norbut in Braslav was funded by the townspeople. Due to its shape the monument resembles a candle that is one of the symbols of doctoring. The twelve-meter steeple is completed with a lantern that in the middle of the XX was switched on by police officers at night time, so the monument has served as a lighthouse. The white color of the monument is a symbol of purity and fairness of medical practice being main principles of the famous Belarusian doctor.

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, Braslav , Belarus
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