Monument "Broken hearth" in Minsk

Monument "Broken hearth" in Minsk


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The capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk hero city, is the biggest and the most beautiful among other cities on the territory of the former BSSR. It is undoubtedly rich in diverse architectural and cultural heritage. It takes more than three days to cast a cursory glance at all of them.

More than 60 monuments and sculptures were erected on numerous streets of the Belarusian capital over the long history of its existence. It is monuments that determine the brilliance of the city.  They can be both works of art, a reflection of its history, and distinctive, interesting zest of the city’s architecture.  

It is worth noting a monument with the symbolic title "Broken hearth" located in Minsk, it is a memorial tribute to the victims of Nazism who died in a ghetto during the World War II. This monument was installed on October 22, 2008. It is situated on the area of a former Jewish churchyard. During the war there were tortured to death 6 000 people.

The creators of the monument “Broken hearth” in Minsk were the sculptor Maxim Petrul and the architect Leonid Levin. The monument “Broken hearth” in Minsk is a personification of the image of a destroyed house. On the conditional foundation of the house, the pedestal of red granite, there is a broken round table with a Vienna chair where once a happy Jewish family gathered together. However, the house was ruined after the brutal, arrogant Nazi defeat and the family was brutally murdered.

The monument “Broken hearth” is situated at the old tree, which, no doubt, was a witness of the terrible events that were happening in the years of the Nazi occupation in Minsk. It is symbolic that the part of the old tree facing the monument is without leaves like a sign and reminder of the horror and tragic events of the past years. The other part of the same tree is full of leaves showing that hope for a better, brighter future will replace all misfortunes and sorrows.

The monument “Broken hearth” in Minsk is the great heritage of the capital; its visitation is included in numerous tours of Minsk. This monument, no doubt, is a part of the great history of the city.  It should be noted that the acquaintance with Minsk will be incomplete without learning the history of this glorious city and a visit to the monuments of the kind.

Each of the capital monuments has its unsurpassed, unique nature: some are harsh, others are majestic and grand, and others are fun and cheerful. Such diverse monuments make the city unique and beautiful.

The monument “Broken hearth” in Minsk attracts attention both of Belarusian visitors and tourists coming from abroad. This is a part of the history of our state, striking with the amazing beauty of nature, organically coexisting next to the unique architectural art. 

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