The monument in honor of the founder of Kamenets fortress

The monument in honor of the founder of Kamenets fortress


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Kamenets is situated in 39 km fr om Brest on the bank of the Lesnaya river. According to historical chronicles, it’s named because of stony soil. According to archeological researches, in 10-11th centuries, a small settlement appeared on the territory wh ere prince Vladimyr Vasilkovich built a fortress. The so called “Kamenets fortress”, a 30-meters tower with a ditch and a billow with wood fortification formed its base. There was. The diameter of it was 13, 5 meters and the thickness of the walls was 2, 5 meters.

The fortress was a witness of a lot of bloody fights of last centuries. Nowadays this is a peaceful town that remembers heroes of the past epoch. Now Kamenets fortress is a valuable historical construction in republic of Belarus. The monument in honor of the fortress’ founder was built here in 1988. It has a very original compositional solution. The great figure of Vasily Vasilkovich is shown in full size. He holds a shield in his left hand that has a writing that says: “… create a town, give to it the name Kamenets, there will be stony ground…”. He is blessing the town and people with his right hand.

A royal bison is depicted near the prince as a symbol of Belovezhskaya Pushcha. The memorial of fortress builder is on a brick plinth. But the monument is from bronze. Its creator is a famous sculptor Alexandr Lyshchik. As he said it took 2 years to make the masterpiece. The monument in honor of the founder of Kamenets fortress has stood for 4 years already.

Travellers from all over the world come here because of unique landscape. This is an important part of our country. The memorial says that the history is not forgotten and it’s still alive in hearts of people.

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