Monument to Marat Kazey in Minsk

Monument to Marat Kazey in Minsk


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Until the last cartridge

In deeds for their homeland during the Great Patriotic War, many young people, even teenagers, died. All of them gave away the most valuable thing that they had - their lives. Their exploits markedly changed the course of that terrible war. Thanks to their small feats, we won then.

One of these heroes is Marat Kazey. In the partisan detachment he went along with his mother and sister. Marat Kazey was a very active pupil in school. He became a scout, he fought in the rear fearlessly. On his account there was more than one feat, not one enemy was killed.

14 years

Surely every schoolboy knows how the life of Marat Kasey ended. All this happened on May 11, 1944. The war was nearing its end, but Marat was surrounded by a village near the village of Horobenkoye, Uzdenskoe region. This battle was the last for Marat Kazey. He was 14 years old when he was trapped. At first, Marat fired back, but then cartridges have run out. There were only grenades. He threw one into the Germans, and the second squeezed in his hand and blew himself up with the enemy.

Sculptor S. Selikhanov and architect V. Volchek created a monument to Marat Kazey in 1959. The sculpture was installed in Minsk. Marat Kazey is made of bronze, in the sculpture the authors captured the last moments of Marat's life. As in that heroic moment, the boy holds a grenade in his clasped hand, and with the other hand he holds the automate, in which the cartridges run out.

All the emotionality with which the authors tried to portray the last moments of life is striking in its realism. In addition to the monument in Minsk, the monument to Marat Kazey was erected in the village where the hero was born - the village of Stankovo ​​(Dzerzhinsky district). In the village there is also a museum dedicated to Marat Kazey.

The title of Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded to Marat Kasey posthumously in 1965.

An example to follow

Planning to visit the Belarusian capital, include in your route a visit to the monument to Marat Kazey, especially if you are traveling with children. Agree, a peer of Marat Kasey will not only be interesting, but it is also useful to learn about what a feat at this age the guy did. This will not only become an incentive in later life, but will also help bring up real heroes in the future.

At present, the monument to Marat Kazey is a attraction of the Belarusian capital, it is included in many tourist routes. Solemn rallies and memorable meetings are held at the monument so early gone hero. On May 9, near the monument, pupils and students gather, concerts are held. All this is important and valuable in the first place for the future generation. People who come to honor the memory of the hero, do not remain indifferent, and remember the great feat of the little boy.

The monument to Marat Kazey is also history, the importance of which can not be underestimated. After all, from such small feats gradually, year after year there was one big victory. The victory of the Soviet people over the German invaders. The winners were also those who managed to survive, and those who died fighting.

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