A monument to Lenin in Verkhnedvinsk

A monument to Lenin in Verkhnedvinsk


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Verkhnedvinsk (until 1962, it was named Drysa) is located in the northwest of Vitebsk region and is the administrative center of the district.

Nowadays the town, first mentioned in 1386, can attract tourists with a series of located here historic objects.   

Among the monuments of the 20th century, installed in the town, we can call a monument to Lenin, which appeared here in 1953.

 The presence of such a monument in the town of Verkhnedvinsk is not an exception but rather a rule for settlements of modern Belarus. Many cities and towns of the country, as well as a number of companies on which territories there are similar monuments can boast these sculptures, installed in memory of the well-known statesman in the first quarter of the last century.

Lenin, whose real name is Vladimir Ulyanov, was a famous Russian revolutionary, who became the head of the October revolution that took place in 1917. He was also a founder of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party (bolsheviks) (RSDLP(b)). Moreover he first headed the Council of People's Commissars of the RSFSR that was the government of a new Soviet state in the period fr om 1917 to 1946.

Across the street from Lenin sculpture there was a monument to another statesman of the Soviet Union - Joseph Stalin. The monuments were set in such a way that it seemed as if they watched one another. The monument to Stalin had existed before the period of dethronement of a cult of personality, which occurred in 1956. Stalin's monument was subsequently removed and destroyed.  It was done quietly without attracting attention to the event.

The monument to Lenin is in the Park near the central street of the town which is called Sovetskaya Street. It is notable that the monument is not situated on the main square of the town as it happens often.   

The monument is cast of metal and set on a pedestal. Lenin is depicted in such a way as if he speaks to an invisible interlocutor, his right leg is stretched off to the side, and the left arm is bent at the elbow.

There are other monuments in Verkhnedvinsk. One of them is a monument in memory of those who died on the border of the state in September 1939 when the World War II began. This monument appeared in the 1960-ies. At the same time another monument in memory of heroes of the Great Patriotic War was erected in Verhnedvinsk. In 2008 the unveiling of a new monument to participants of the war in Afghanistan was held in the district center.

In the same Park, wh ere is the monument to Lenin, there is another monument, reminding of the war of 1812. This monument was raised in the early 20th century, on the hundredth anniversary of the war against Napoleon.  

An unusual object located on the intersection of Soveskaya and Charles Marx Streets, and representing a real globe, will also strike the eye of tourists who visit the city of Verkhnedvinsk.

A bridge over the Western Dvina was built a few kilometers from the district center; it is worth of special attention. This is the highest construction of this type in Belarus.  The height of the bridge reaches 25 meters. 

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