A monument to Lenin in the township of Gorodishche

A monument to Lenin in the township of Gorodishche


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Along the bank of the Servech River is located an urban settlement under the name of Gorodishche. The proof of the fact that in ancient times here, on these lands, was located an ancient settlement, are the remains of hatched pottery culture. They are dated to the 2nd-6th centuries. In addition, here was found evidence of the existence of buildings of the early feudal period of the 11-13th centuries. In those times to strengthen a settlement the entire territory was surrounded with boulders and ditches, which were filled with water. During excavations here were also found ornaments made of bronze, tools and various ceramics.

In the late 19th century Gorodishche had a post office, four Jewish temples, two Orthodox churches and one synagogue, as well as factories.

However, despite the extraordinary beauty of this town, we want to draw your attention to a monument to Lenin, set in 1964. This monument is a granite bust placed on a two-meter granite pedestal and located in the park in front of the administrative building of the Executive Committee, on the façade of which were also preserved bas-reliefs of the Soviet era.

Usually young mothers with prams and grandmothers with their grandchildren walk in this cozy little Park. However, not so long ago this area at the monument to V.I. Lenin was chosen by fans of riding on skateboards and roller skating. Besides, in summer young people often gather here and rest right at the foot of the memorial.

It is little known about the history of this monument; however it is worth noting that the work on the bust of “the Leader” took about 3 years.

The monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin in the township of Gorodishche belongs to the category of sculptural works that have become an integral part of Soviet traditions in monumental art. In addition, the monument is a symbol of Soviet Communist ideology.

It might be supposed that the monument was created to immortalize the cherished memory of “the Leader of the people”, the founder of the Bolshevik party and the Soviet state, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. On the other hand, this monument might have been a means of propaganda of the Soviet ideas, that revealed itself not only in the extension load of the bust, but also in its location. This monument was made of concrete and covered with a silvery paint, but over time it lost the former appeal. It is Impossible not to pay attention to the fact that the monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin is in need of restoration because in the course of time here began to appear cracks, which one cannot help noticing.

Besides the monument to Lenin in the urban settlement there are many other attractions which are worth paying attention to. They are architectural constructions of the past eras, such as the Catholic Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary which was erected in the 17th century and the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross which appeared here in 1764.

In addition, here, in the township of Gorodishche, are Tatar, Jewish and Catholic cemeteries, the memorial cross, erected in memory of victims of the uprising of 1863-1864, a chapel and bell tower.


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