The monument to Lenin in the city of Brest

The monument to Lenin in the city of Brest


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Brest city in the Republic of Belarus is a city where a huge number of monuments, as well as a large number of memorable places are located. Walking through this notable city, you should definitely visit Lenin Square and pay attention to the monument to Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, raising there.

The famous Lenin Square in the hero-city of Brest was officially marked on the map after the end of the Great Patriotic War. Nevertheless, it appeared a little earlier and had a different name. The street was consisted of several buildings, and in their address this was indicated - September 17 Street. The church buildings, hospitals, the chambers of the Treasury and the Polesie Province were also located on this street.

As in the other cities of Belarus, the streets were named in tribute to the memory of the great city’s history, but it should be noted that their names were often changed. As a result, the square was called the same as the street, on which it was located since 1939 to the beginning of the war.

During the occupation of Brest, the new city authorities decided to change the address. In consequence, during the Patriotic War, this square was named - Adolf Hitler Platz, and after the fascists had been driven out of the city, the square returned its former name back. And since 1948 the square and the street were named after the "Leader of the People" Vladimir Lenin.

The very composition of Lenin Square was unfinished, as a result of which the monument to V. I. Lenin was erected here in 1958, which rises on the square today.

This monument is considered to be one of the few monuments to the "Leader of the people", which have any historical confirmation. The fact is that at the beginning of 1900 V. I. Lenin passed through the city of Brest. Sculptor Mikhail Lastochkin and architect Gennady Zaborsky are the creators of this work. The monument to Lenin in Brest has a fairly traditional look and it is located opposite the city regional executive committee.

The monument is a statue of bronze, which is mounted on a vertical pedestal with a multi-stage stylobate. The leader is represented as if in motion, his right hand is directed forward with a pointing gesture, while the left hand is lowered downward. The creators subtly conveyed the features of Lenin's face and simultaneously created a generalized image, thereby focusing on such leader’s features as persistent will, inviolability, rigidity. The restraint of soft techniques helped to reveal the author’s general intentions. The pedestal itself is directly faced with a gray-red granite stone, on which the inscription “V. I. Lenin” is immortalized.

The monument to Lenin was repeatedly made the acting subject of numerous activities and events in the life of Brest city. Thus, in 1939, a collective parade of Soviet and German troops - at that time still allies, but in the near future the enemies in the Second World War - was held near this monument on the square. Today, the "revolutionary" silently watches over a little different events: New Year festive trees, festivals and various city festivities.

Not only Brest city residents visit V.I. Lenin monument, but also the travellers, who prefer to rest in the Republic of Belarus.



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