Kirill of Turov monument in Gomel

Kirill of Turov monument in Gomel


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Kirill of Turov is a famous Belarusian figure, theologian, writer. His homeland is the Belarusian town of Turov, which was the most ancient written language’s centre at that time over the territory of Belarus. The name of this figure is widely famous not only in our country, but also far off its boundaries. He was engaged in preaching, religious and political activities. There is little historical information about his biography.

Kirill is said to be born in a family of quite well-to-do parents. He got the primary education at home, and then he continued his education at school. Kirill showed his talent in his famous literary works, so-called “words”, which were devoted to different holidays. Admiration of nature, joy of life, inspiration are revealed in them. He skilfully combined a literary word and his individuality in his piece of art. He was included into the Assembly of Belarusian Saints in 1984.

Kirill of Turov is a vivid figure of his time. If we analyze scant information of his life, which has preserved to the present, then an image of a monk-hermit appears before us. On the other hand, he excelled his fellow men in knowledge greatly. He was one of those people, who helped the theological thought of Belarus to make great progress.

A monument to Belarusian figure was established in the city of Gomel on 4 September 2004. It was established in a park of the same name next to the city drama theatre. The famous Belarusian sculptors Lev Gumilevsky and his son Nikolay were the authors of the monument. A ceremony on the occassion of the monument opening was timed to one of the main holidays of Belarus – the day of Belarusian writing language, which is celebrated on the first week of September.

The monument is a sculpture of about 3, 5 meters, installed on a high granite base. An inspired, ambitious face, even posture, slim beautiful hands – this is how Kirill of Turov is seen by the visitors. He holds a scroll in his hands, where a text of written by him prayer is placed. So that the visitors could read it, the designers had translated ancient characters in print which was called “half-running hand of the XIV century”. The text is as follows: “Oh most reverent god, willst thou release the township and this country fr om all the evil”.

Kirill of Turov is a master of spiritual holiday eloquence, for this and for outstanding oratory he was named a second Belarusian Zlatoust. The works written by him acquired popularity in Serbian and Bulgarian lists. The fact that his works were included in “Zlatousts” and “Torzhestvennik” indicates of his outstanding talent and the significance of his works. Their high importance is determined by the fact that they were placed near the greatest figures of the Orthodox literature, such as Ioann Zlatoust, Grigoriy Bogoslov and the others.

Those, who come to Gomel should visit the park, wh ere the monument is established, so that to pay tribute to one of the greatest figures of the Orthodox culture and to touch the beauty.


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