The monument to Adam Mitskevich in Minsk

The monument to Adam Mitskevich in Minsk


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In Belarus, there are monuments not only to famous Belarusian writers and poets, such as Yanka Kupala, Yakub Kolas and Zmitrok Byadulya, but also to foreign literary figures, classics of the Poland, Russian and Ukrainian literature. Thus, one of the most distinctive personalities that influenced the development of the Belarusian literature in XIX century is the Polish poet of Belarusian descent Adam Mitskevich. In Minsk, there is a monument in his honor located on the city wall in the square at the intersection of Nemiga St. and Romanovskaya Sloboda St., not far fr om the railway station.

Adam Mitskevich is considered to be a national pride in Poland and he is ranked among three greatest poets of Romanticism. Apart from his literary work, Adam took part in the Polish national liberation movement. Besides the monument in Minsk, there are several museums and mansions dedicated to Mitskevich and houses wh ere the writer was born and spent his childhood.

The sculptural composition in the Belarusian capital was opened in 2003 with funding from the Ministry of Culture. The three-meter bronze monument is a work of the well-known Belarusian sculptures and architects A. Zaspitsky, A. Finsky and G. Fyodorov. It is noteworthy, the initiator of the creation of that composition became the Polish diaspora in Belarus. At first, it was suggested to install the wall sculptural composition to the poet in the capital made in the XIX century. But due to the unusual structure, such a monument was impossible to be fixed in the open. As a result, the inhabitants and visitors of Minsk could see the modern sculpture dedicated to the life and work of Adam Mitskevich.

By the way, eight groups of authors struggled for the creation of Mitskevich’s bust, but as a result, the above-named masters won. What made their project different from others is that the architects offered to make a figure of the poet instead of a bust. It was suggested to portray Adam as a romantic and even a little tired young man coming back to his small motherland after long wandering and ups and down of life. By the way, Andrey Zaspitsky had worked with the personality of Mitskevich for many years; one can see his woks in Grodno and several museums of Minsk and Novogrudok, there is a bust of Mitskevich made by Zaspitsky in each of them.

The grand opening of the monument took place in October 2003. Many special guests were present at that festive occasion; many of them hold high posts in Belarus and Poland, including the ambassadors of both countries and the Senate Speaker of Poland Longin Pastusyak. The opening was accompanied by music to which the guests expressed welcome speeches and laid flowers at the monument to Adam Mitskevich together with the inhabitants of Minsk.

The most famous and distinctive work of the poet is the epic poem “Sir Thaddeus”. That work was published in Paris in 1834. In spite of the fact that it was written in France, Mitskevich expressed the morals of szlachta filled with home-sickness and light vein of humor. We can freely say that Mitskevich succeeded in creating colorful images of his main characters, and thus, in writing a piece of art and a real national Polish epic. Mitskevich’s “Sir Thaddeus” was cinematized by one of the famous Polish directors.

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