Lake Svityaz

Lake Svityaz


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Lake Svityaz is located in the very center of Novogrudok hill, near Valevka village, in Grodno region. Unique landscapes, scenic coastline and the most beautiful vegetation create around the lake an aura of mystery and fairy tales. Oaks-giants growing here call to mind that mighty knights fought on this earth, loving couples rested here, and the local forest was a favorite place for game hunting for princes once upon a time.

Residents of nearby villages like to tell mysterious legends about this lake, which are breathtaking. During the period of summer scorching heat, the most beautiful shores of the lake are actively taken by tourists who prefer Belarusian lakes to holidays abroad. And by the way, the coast of the Svityaz can accommodate up to 80 000 people.

According to legends, Svityaz town stood on that place a long time ago. Local Prince Tugan, being under the leadership of Grand Duke Mindovg, went to defend Novogrudok along with the army. Enemies, who wanted to conquer Svityaz, took advantage of that immediately. Only old men, women and children were left in the town. They preferred to die than to live in captivity. Through their prayers, the town began to sink gradually under the water. Lake Svityaz began to appear on the place of the old town, surrounded by tall pine trees. White flowers-kings began to grow on the banks a little later. The locals identify them with dead people. Even today you can hear a legend about the fact that undines, which are also called svityazanka, sometimes emerge from the lake. It was those fabulous and fantastic stories that became the basis for many works of the famous Belarusian poet and writer Adam Mitskevich.  

Nowadays the forest lake stands out for its crystal-clear water that is unique in itself. In all seasons and regardless of weather conditions, tranquility and peace comes from it, and mighty pines grow directly on the banks in some places, lowering their roots into the water. Since Lake Svityaz is bordered by several districts, the three biggest beaches were decided to name in honor of Novogrudok and Korelichi districts. A large parking lot is equipped for 400 cars near the first beach, as well as there are market stalls and recreation areas with amenities. Another beach is a part of the local sanatorium, but it is closed to other tourists and only visitors of the resort can relax on it.  

Though the lake is very popular, however, its area is relatively small. The coastline stretches nearly six kilometers, and it takes you several hours to walk around it through a winding well-trodden path. You can often see families with children on the Svityaz, because the depth of the bottom is small – up to 15 meters, and the banks have gently sloping entrance into the water. Therefore, children can bathe near the shore. The water level does not change either in summer or in winter. So it is not surprising that Lake Svityaz is among the most popular tourist destinations in Belarus.

If you like a quiet vacation close to a beautiful body of water, shrouded in ancient legends and traditions, you will certainly choose Lake Svityaz. All necessary conditions are created her for comfortable rest of tourists.  


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