Lake Katashi in Kobrin district

Lake Katashi in Kobrin district


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There is a small village named Katashi in Kobrin district of Brest region. A lake with the same name once appeared in this place.

This unique colourful place, which was chosen for rest by a lot of people, was created by the hands of a man. And lake Katashi appeared directly from a sand quarry.

Once Verkhovskaya Mountain, which acquired its name from the nearby village of Verkhi, stood on this place.

After the Great Patriotic War end, the inhabitants of small villages and hamlets gathered in the largest settlement of the region - the village of Katashi, and as a result the village of Verkhi was also lost among the rest. Because of this, speaking about the lake name, it would be much more accurate to name this lake Verkhi or Verkhovskoye. It is worth noting that local residents repeatedly came to the administration with a request to officially recognize such a historical name, but this has never been taken into account.

However, what connects sandy quarry with the lake. As it is already known, the construction of the Brest-Moscow highway was rapidly developing by the summer Olympics in Moscow in 1980. The sand for this road was taken from that mountain, which later turned Verkhovskaya mountain into a big quarry. The decision to make it suitable for recreation was taken by the administration of the collective farm "Zarya", on which territory it was located. In the early 80's the quarry was deepened. Also, the dunes of golden sand were washed along the entire perimeter and the created lake was at once taken a fancy of the inhabitants of the surrounding area.

Katashi is quite a colourful place. This corner of nature can be compared with the Baltic shores - sand dunes and masts of majestic pines. Actually, that's what the left bank of this lake looks like. The right bank along with such beauties can boast of an abundance of berries and mushrooms. Blackberries here literally embrace the reeds at the bank. In the depths of a century-old pine forest you can see the riot of the fern and the juniper grove, which gives an unsurpassed colour to this landscape. Wild ducks, which got used to the vacationers and their treats, scurry agilely in the crystal-clear waters of this lake. Carp playfully emerge from the water, thus driving around themselves splashes on immovable smoothness. The entire landscape pleases the eye and dips into serenity.

Every summer lake Katashi becomes an excellent resting place not only for the local population, but also for tourists, who travel around the Republic of Belarus.

The lake water is very clean and transparent. It is worth noting, that very fine sand is on the entire beach. However, the most pleasant thing is that the lake has a clean, sandy bottom. So, Katashi lake is not inferior to beaches on azure shores of foreign resorts! And many residents of the neighborhood cherish this and care about this area cleanliness.

The vacationers often come to the lake with an overnight stay. There is a dense pine forest around the lake, where it is especially pleasant to have a rest with a big company, to camp, to barbecue.

The fishermen also liked this lake. Many people come here to fish both in summer and in winter, because of the purity of water.

As for the infrastructure, unfortunately, it is developed here not enough. Undoubtedly, there are some plans on camping and small houses construction, which will be directly attached to the lake.

Football and volleyball competitions, as well as various musical evenings, are often held here thanks to the excellent sandy beach.

The recreation on Katashi lake will not leave anyone indifferent.

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