Lake Chernoye

Lake Chernoye

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The Republic of Belarus is often named the land of rivers and lakes. As more that 10 thousand lakes are situated on the vast territory of our country. And quite an interesting fact is that the majority of them is of glacial origin.

Lake Chernoye is located in Berezovski district of Brest region, not far from the town of Beloozersk. The locality of this area is generally plain, however hilly in some parts, somewhere it is swampy, overgrown with forests and shrubs, mostly covered with lots of reclamation canals. Lake Chernoye is surrounded with dense woodland. The banks are low and sandy, swampy here and there. Shoal is not great, the bottom is sandy along the banks, somewhere silty, deeper it is covered with sapropel. Reed and cane grow in wide lines along the banks.

Only a city inhabitant, who almost all of his spare time spends in a rush rhythm of city hustle and bustle, can truly appreciate the recreation at the lake Chernoye. That is why a great quantity of city dwellers annually comes to these picturesque places so that to rest with body and soul.

It is noteworthy, that lake Chernoye can’t boast of its impressive size. However, you can spent an unforgettable vocation away from the city turmoil. The length of the water body reaches 500 meters, and the width – about 300 meters. In some part of this lake the depth reaches 7,5 meters. There are perfectly equipped sites for family recreation along the lake entire perimeter. The water in lake Chernoye is unchangingly clean, and the surroundings can be really called fantastic. Birch groves are rustling nearby, on the opposite bank – pine forest. The surroundings of lake Chernoye are rich in mushrooms and berries.  

It is impossible to leave without attention the cosy houses and cottages, which are located near the lake Chernoye banks, where comfortable conditions are offered for tourists’ recreation.

If you are fond of fishing, then lake Chernoe is the one you need. You can fish here almost everywhere. From a boat, catamaran, cutter or simply from the bank. Fishery of redeye, pike and surely of bream is especially popular here. In addition to that a lot of crawfish can be found in the lake thanks to clear water.

Lake Chernoye is an integral part of the recreation area, and it is directly considered to be an object of recreation tourism in the Republic of Belarus. Breath in fresh air, leave city hustle and bustle, enjoy the communication with nature and seclusion… What can be better? The recreation at the lake Chernoye banks can gift you all of it.

An acquaintance with this amusing, picturesque water body won’t leave anyone indifferent and it will live for a long time not only in your memory, but also in memory of all of your fellow-travellers. You definitely should come to lake Chernoye, as such beauties are worth seeing with your own eyes.

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