Mukhavets embankment in Brest

Mukhavets embankment in Brest


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Parks and city waterfronts have always been favorite places for walking with children and dogs as well as for dating of lovers. Embankments are especially demanded because a pleasant coolness breathes from the water surface in the summer time. Here you can also swim on a hot summer day.

There are a lot of embankments on the territory of Belarus and each of them is unique. Therefore, one cannot forget the beautiful walking path on the river Mukhavets in Brest.

Water expanses of the Mukhavets River stretch for 113 kilometers, and the total area of the basin is over 6,000 square kilometers.

The river passes through the cities of Kobryn, Brest and Zhabinka, and the mouth of the river flows near the memorial complex "Brest Fortress-Hero". There are several rehabilitation centers and sanatoria on the banks of the Mukhavets. This is not surprising, because the scenery and fresh air attract many tourists to these places. By the way, a hockey team in Pruzhany is named after the Mukhavets River.

Therefore, the embankment of the river in Brest is considered to be a place of meeting with friends and acquaintances. Here you can find a soul mate, or just spend your free time quietly. Fresh air and picturesque scenery attract local people here, because it is an indispensable place in the itinerary of tourists to explore the city of Brest. Moms with strollers, elderly couples, families with children and large gangs of friends like to walk on the embankment. In the evenings this place becomes the epitome of romance, described by Russian poets in verses and poems. The sweethearts are strolling slowly in the light of lanterns; young people like to assign first dates here. Walking along the embankment boys and girls can bypass it up and down several times noticing no time talking and kissing.

Parents with children often come here to feed birds and not by chance: the embankment has become a favorite place for pigeons, ducks and swans. All the birds accept food from caring human hands with great pleasure. Swans, by the way, have become almost tame, as they are often fed.

In summer catamarans and small boats for boat trips work here for everyone. Those who want to go out aboard the Brest "Titanic" generally choose river boat journeys.

Not only have the lanterns made this place amazingly beautiful but also incredibly picturesque sunsets. Citizens of all ages love coming here to watch the marvelous natural feature – the change of days. Just imagine: peace and quiet appease covering the mind and soul at the moment when the bright afternoon sun slowly touches the water surface and gingerly hides behind the trees.

A miraculous calmness, silence and an unwavering belief in the bright future, in the happiness of tomorrow wraps up the soul… Walking along the embankment one can easily forget the city bustle of endless business and drawn into the beauty of nature.


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