Myadel Museum of national glory

Myadel Museum of national glory



The exposition of Myadel Museum of national glory consists of more than twenty thousand exhibits. It appeared due to the idea to gather in one place things, devoted to memory of defenders of the Motherland and national heroes of different times and eras. The foundation of such an important museum was in 1969, and a new building for the museum was built in 1982. The exposition, devoted to the Victory, was opened on May 8, 1985. Three years later, in honor of the 40th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders, was opened the whole exposition of the Museum of national glory in Myadel.  

Here are presented the following theme expositions:

The military-historical exposition “Great Patriotic War”: here you can see different documents and evidences, referring to the period of the Great Patriotic War. Everyone can see personal belongings of partisans and organizers of the underground movement, the correspondence, which was carried between the police and partisans of the brigade, which was named after Rokossovsky, German tableware, etc. Letters, written by Vyacheslav Davidovich from the front and dated 1944, are of special interest. They are shown separately.

The archaeological exposition “Ancient History of the Land”: it consists of old tiles found during the excavations of the medieval fortress that had once been on a peninsula of Lake Myastro. There is one of the most unique and well preserved exhibits among them – the tile depicting an equestrian knight with a sword. 

The exposition with the theme of “events and people” called “Famous Countrymen”: as many outstanding people were born on Myadel land, it is quite natural that a separate exhibition dedicated to them appeared there. Here you can see biographical information, as well as the creative heritage of the national artist Vasily Sharangovich and folk actress Maria Zakharevich; in addition, here are also presented Myadel writers: Maryan Duksa, Mechislav Shakhovich, Iosif Skurko, Eugene Shaban, Adolf Voronovich. The exposition devoted to Maxim Tank is located separately (manuscripts, books with autographs and many others allowing to get acquainted more detailed with the life and creative path of the poet).

The exposition dedicated to folk crafts “Folk Art of Myadel”: such samples of traditional Belarusian art as sculptures of wood, various figures, lace and many others are presented for visitors in this hall.

The military-historical exposition “Liberation of Myadel”, from the name of which it follows that here are exhibits related to the liberation of the district from German occupation: photos, documents, personal belongings and awards of the Hero of the Soviet Union D. K. Morozov.

The military-historical exposition “World War I”, amazing with the abundance of unique exhibits, consists of extant and well preserved army illustrations, weapons of a century ago, German occupation passports with fingerprints of their owners, etc.

Myadel Museum is interesting not only for its rich collection but also for the design of the building in which it is located. The artist Olga Stankova decorated the building on the whole perimeter with the finest carving. Thus, the building of the museum is adorned in the Belarusian national style. You can see various pictures and tapestries with scenes from local legends everywhere; in addition, a room, devoted to the Great Patriotic War, has an unusual décor. Its walls look like wooden plates, in which there are shell splinters and cartridge cases. Looking at them, you will inevitably become imbued with this military atmosphere.


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, Myadel , Belarus
  • Distance to airport: 165 km

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