The Museum of Yanka Kupala

The Museum of Yanka Kupala



When you turn out to be in Minsk, don’t pass the well-known museum by, which was built in sign of the great Belarusian poet, publicist and playwright remembrance. The state literary Museum of Yanka Kupala is situated on the river Svisloch bank in the centre of Minsk.  It is one of the oldest museums in Minsk, which was opened in 1945. Vladislava Frantsevna Lutskevich, the poet’s wife was the first director.

Architects Viktor Volchek and Ivan Volodko designed a special project, upon which the building for the very museum was created. It was located in the Trade Union House untill 1951 and after, untill 1959 – in the Writers’ House.

The place, where the museum is located is unusual and has been chosen not by chance. Earlier there was Yanka Kupala house here, where he lived with his family until 1941. During the Great Patriotic War the house burnt with fire. The most valuable poet’s works, the library and archive dissapeared without a trace as well.

The expositions, kept here acquaint us with the poet’s life and work, and also tell us about his role in cultural and historical development of Belarus not only on our country’s terrirory but also abroad.

Reading evenings, thematic and review excursions and also projects in the form of a dialogue with the visitors are held at  the museum.

Except fot the literary part, we can also notice a memorial one. At the museum we can see a part of the poet’s apartment, located in Saint Petesburg, and the living room with the study, which were located in his house.

The museum contains 51.823 exhibits. The works and editions made in the poet’s lifetime, autographs, photographs and personal things of Kupala and his relatives are the most significant.

Travelling and static exhibitions are practised. They are devoted not only to the poet’s life and work but also to the historic events of Belarus.

The working staff carry our research and enrich the museum’s archive with their works. At the end of a year the readings are held inside the gallery, where the research completed conclusions are drawn.

Communications with other Museums of Europe and ex-USSR countries are well-developed. That is why the museum hosts the displays from other countries. One of such exhibitions was Charles Dickens’ house-museum exhibition, which is located in London, also Blok’s nature museum-park from the city of Solnechnogorsk.

After visiting the museum of Yanka Kupala you can stroll through the park, where it is located. The only statue in poet’s honour is located there. It is made of granite in the form of Kupala’s full-length shape, and there is a cane in his hand. There is a fern and a source next to the monument. The place where it is set up was standing empty for about 20 years and was specially taken for that purpose.

The museum has four branches. One of them is a brunch “Trenches”, which was opened to the 110 anniversary since the poet’s birth in 1992. The peculiarity of this museum is that it is here where the parents and relatives of Yanka Kupala were living for more than thirty years. The museum consists of two parts: a memorial and a historical one. Every willing can take part in the final concerts of author song “Kupala holiday”.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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