The Museum of Medieval Knighthood in Polotsk

The Museum of Medieval Knighthood in Polotsk



Polotsk land, like perhaps no others in Belarus, is rich in significant historical events, architectural monuments and unique museums. Here you can touch ancient icons, wonder at local legends, plunge into the world of khighthood and the Middle Ages. This city is filled with the spirit of several eras, all these are presented in the context of modern architecture.

Many boys in childhood dreamed about warriors and knights, tried to be alike them and spent the whole day in streets playing cops and robbers. Although the era of brave knights has already sunk into oblivion but even adult men like to watch adventure films and documentary chronicles telling about the life of the brave defenders à la Richard the Lionheart.  

Belarusian men, who eager in every way to be like brave knights, and women, who are ready to give their hearts to a medieval defender, are also no alien to the love to the battles with swords in the iron outfit.  An evident lover of the age of knighthood is considered to be a descendant of the famous and wealthy Rurik dynasty, who decided to organize a private Museum of Knighthood in Polotsk.

 This unique for the whole Republic Museum is known not only in our country but also far beyond its borders. You can plunge here into the atmosphere of medieval knighthood as if to dive into salt sea water. Not just thematic excursions are held in the Museum, many of them are supplemented with animation. Do not be afraid if suddenly revived princes will appear behind the guests. It is quite normal to hear somewhere not far away the sound fr om the blows of swords and see real knights in armor who will aggressively encourage the enemy to fight.

The Museum is housed in three halls, the interior here corresponds to the style of knightly times. The guests are offered to see everyday objects of those old days, and to see the ancient crossbows, spears and arrows of warriors. For those who are not afraid the Museum displays some torture instruments. This is a real stone torture chamber, wh ere you can see executioners’ instruments and a skeleton of a murdered man, who was once shackled.  All these items are considered as a reflection and symbol of the era of knighthood. In the same room there is a unique and rare icon, which was given the Museum by one of the residents of Polotsk.

Close to the Museum there works a small gift shop, especially for those who want to bring the memory of visiting this unusual place. And it is really difficult to forget!

Despite the fact that virtually the whole archive of the Museum was collected by an ordinary person, not a professional historian or Museum worker, the exposition is very rich in unique rare items. Besides the main activity, the Museum takes an active part in various festivals dedicated to the knighthood. Such theme events are held annually in the most ancient city of Belarus, in Polotsk. Once a year the Museum is also opened for visitors at night within the European action “The night of museums”.

 Besides this Museum Polotsk has many other interesting attractions. Have a nice rest!

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