Minsk fire station

Minsk fire station



Belarusian capital suffered from fires a lot. The problem increased in the 19th century when the fire destroyed streets and quarters. In 1835 when there was a big fair in Minsk the fire destroyed all city centre: High market, Yuryevskaya, Frantsiskanskaya and Engels streets. 80 living buildings, St. Peter’s cathedral, the high school, catholic seminary required fire-fighting help. More than 2000 families had to find a new home. That was the result of a big amount of wood buildings and bad conditions of fire-fighting system. In 1826 it consisted of 2 fire-wardens and 3 fire-fighters. The fire of 1835 a gap in safety measures was revealed and instead of wood constructions stone buildings were constructed. But after the fire in 1881 there were very few wood constructions.

This causes the appearance of fire-fighters’ community in 1876. The building itself was built only in 1885 and was located on the corner of Preobrajenskaya street. In 1926 the community was awarded with the order of the Labor Red Banner. For a long time its activity was supervised by Vladymyr Stolyarov. There were about 500 people in the community.

The fire station was planned to have one floor. In 1900 the second floor was added and the third one appeared after the revolution. Originally in 1929 a living 3-floors house was attached to the station. Until 1937 the building belonged to fire fighting community. Nowadays there are another 2 buildings near the station built after the war.

3 floors rectangular building is covered with a hipped roof. The façade is divided with cornice belts horizontally and vanes vertically. The walls are ended with multilayer cornice along the perimeter. On the first floor the window opening are wide and rectangular, on the second floor they are lychkovy and on the third floor they are narrow and rectangular.

In the 90s the building was being reconstructed from 1994 to 1998. So now it has an attic with decorative elements. The gates were restored that served for letting cars to go to roadway a hundred years ago.

At present the fire station is situated in Gorodskoy Val 12. Besides a part of it belongs to the museum of fire-fighting and safety activity in Minsk.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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