The museum of popular science "Elemento"

The museum of popular science "Elemento"



The museum of popular science "Elemento" is more likely to be of interest of the smallest guests, but we recommend visiting it with a whole family. You will enjoy the wonderful world of science and interesting experiments! Museum "Elemento" is a great interactive playground, where your child will change the concept of "hated" by many students physics, chemistry and biology. The basic concept of the museum - "Science is interesting!" which means you can not only look at all the exhibits, but also touch and apply in practice.

Science Museum offers its visitors five exhibition halls: “The hall with large exhibits”, "The chamber of Secrets", "The hall of puzzles", "Chemical Show" and "The hall of a birthday man." In every department there are a dozen of confusing at first glance exhibits. You will be oriented by a number of information boards explaining the physical and chemical phenomena that you will be demonstrated.

The pipes, attached to the wall, will play music and explain how acoustic waves travel in space. Magnetic arch made of metal pipes with iron bolts are of interest of the smallest visitors of the museum, because sometimes magnetism is a kind of magic! You or your child can create a figure, an animal, a plant of the small magnetic details.

In the "Hall of the puzzles" you will find the "miracle mirrors" and heartily laugh at your reflection. You will learn a lot about the history of mirrors, try to draw a cat, looking only at your reflection, and of course do a lot of original selfie!

Do not miss a single exhibit, even the most primitive. For example, a small stool with spring. In terms of physics, the spring is a device that accumulates potential energy. The rotational movement will help to explore the exhibit "change-wheel gear", where you have to turn the handle and watch the rotation of the mechanical gears. "The chamber of Secrets" scares only by its name - it is a place for the study of the color spectrum. Did you know that there are blue, yellow and pink shadows?

In addition to the permanent collections of the Museum of Popular Science "Elemento" every day various academic disciplines are carried out, where children together with scientists reveal the secrets of exact sciences.

You can understand how different sounds appear, by visiting the lecture "Listen to the sound and look." Learn all about electricity, electrical work by attending the lecture "Fr om the electron to the present day." If your child has never liked physics at school, feel free to go to a lecture "History of Physics", wh ere it is interesting to talk about the most famous discoveries, experiments and scientists.

Museum "Elemento" is located in the former building of "Africa" ​​nightclub. The interior remained from former owners: exotic paintings on the walls, artificial animals and ambient lighting make the physicochemical show unforgettable. Welcome to the wonderful world of experiments.


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, Minsk , Belarus
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