Cat Museum in Minsk

Cat Museum in Minsk

Minsk, st. International, 23


Surely there are no people who would be indifferent to our furry little brothers. Cat Museum in Minsk - direct evidence of this. Companion animals are extremely popular all over the world, they are led to guard the house (for example, large dogs), to accompany visually impaired persons (guide dogs), but more often simply to keep us company at home if suddenly becomes lonely. All over the world, they are already practicing the creation of so-called catcafes - catering establishments, where, along with waiters, administrators and chefs, real seals work. By the way, not so long ago, in Belarus, they accepted the service of two cats, who receive an official salary, work for the good of the Mir Castle and attract tourists. So, VETLIVA presents to your attention one of the most unusual museums in Belarus - Cat Museum (Minsk).

How did the museum dedicated to the cat appeared in Belarus

How long have you ever been in a museum where you can safely touch and even stroke the exhibits? Surely, it was not necessary at all. And thanks to the initiative of the creators of the Cat Museum, this can now be done (and even necessary, of course, if you are not allergic to fluffy animals).

Most of the cats that live here have a difficult fate. They were picked up on the street or rescued from the service of capturing, giving them a new home. The creators of one of the most unusual museums in Belarus are people with a wide soul and an open heart. No one can say, looking at the constricted whiskered faces, that many of the cats were in critical condition, some even on the verge of death, until they fell into the hands of volunteers.

Now cats are in good health, they regularly undergo examinations by veterinarians and receive the necessary care.

In addition, museum staff carefully monitor that living exhibits are not harmed:

  • at the entrance lies an antibacterial mat, on which each visitor becomes,

  • then boots are put on the feet

  • hands are treated with antibacterial gel,

  • cats are not allowed to take in your arms, but you can pet as much as you like.

Despite the fact that the fluffy exhibits sleep 16-18 hours a day, they can be caught awake and even playing. If you don’t know where to go with children - Cat Museum is just the perfect place.

Live Exposure

What is the Cat Museum? Photos do not convey the beauty of its main exhibits that meet you on the threshold. There are always 15 furry animals on the staff of the museum: Jimmy, Timosha, Mr. Red, Zefirinka, Willy, Michelle, Rysik, Richard, Leelu, Plombir, Kiwi, Seledochka, Tigrik, Olivia, Platon. So do not worry that they will all sleep and you will not find someone to stroke: there are enough cats for everyone!

In the five small halls of the Museum of the Cat there are:

  • works of art on the cat theme (by the way, if you wish, you can create your masterpiece - all the necessary tools are provided for this),

  • games with a cat's slant - cat-checkers, Cat on the Wall, Puss in Boots, cat-puzzles,

  • feline literature

  • catcafe, where you will be offered a light snack, as well as a cup of aromatic coffee or tea.

An interesting fact from VETLIVA: the first catcafe was opened in Taiwan in 1998 and was located in the city of Taipei. It quickly gained popularity, especially among Japanese tourists, who are not indifferent to four-footed purrs. By the way, in Japan only just in Tokyo, several dozen catcafes are already open, and in some offices they even allow people to come with a fluffy pet to work - cats are so much appreciated and honored in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Amazing nearby: go explore Minsk with our guide and be sure to check out the Cat Museum. We are sure: it will give you a positive charge for the whole day, and its fluffy exhibits will gladly present you for a photo.

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