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«Bread is the head of everything» So our ancestors paid tribute to one of the most significant products on the table - bread. Now he has not lost his importance and is constantly present on the table of Belarusians. However, have you ever thought that many modern children have no idea where bread comes from? And sometimes it`s difficult to answer for adults  about the ancient technology. For this purpose, the Museum of Bread was established, located in the agro-town of Botvinovo, Chechersk District.

Museum of bread in Chechersk region: pages of history

Irina Nikishova, who is the director of the cultural and sports center and part-time hostess of the Bread Museum, has been welcoming guests in it for several years now. She has long wanted to systematize her knowledge of the technology of baking, not only bread, but also the preparation of various dishes of national cuisine. At first it was the Babulin Delicacy group, located in its own premises. The classes were attended by the children, in the classroom they, together with the leader, baked pancakes, cooked draniks with pleasure, and boiled porridge. For the needs of the association was purchased plate.

However, to observe the traditions and prepare truly authentic dishes, something more was needed. Therefore, a real Russian stove was also placed in the room. Local residents became infected with Irina’s initiative; they brought various artifacts, which eventually became part of the Bread Museum exposition in the agro-town of Botvinovo. For example, the museum fund was replenished with millstones.

For the first time, the Bread Museum opened its doors to visitors in 2014. The startup was so successful that three years later it won the project «Promoting local development in the Republic of Belarus» and received decent financial support.

This helped Irina Nikishova turn around:

  • buy two types of furnaces - on electricity and wood,

  • purchase special equipment for organizing master classes in baking bread,

  • arrange several thematic expositions.

Interactive tour of the Museum of Bread

As soon as you enter the gate, on which the iron sign «Museum of Bread» proudly flaunts, you find yourself in an amazing place. There will not be boring lectures (unless a brief excursion about the emergence of bread, which Irina herself conducts when she meets sightseeing groups). Already in the yard you become part of an interactive action: you are taught how to sow and harvest, reap and thresh the ears of corn and grain. So in the game form there is an acquaintance with the preparatory stage.

The next stage is a detailed narration about the types of furnaces, as well as about the rest of the equipment, without which one cannot do. One of the highlights of the tour is a tasting of freshly baked bread, which Irina herself also prepares. Since in Belarus not only bread, but also potatoes all over the head, they are also treated to guests, recalling the proverbs about bread.

If you dreamed to learn how to bake bread, this is your chance! The stove is again flooded, and everyone can try himself as a baker. All this is accompanied by stories about the tricks of kneading dough and ancient sacred actions and spells. Our ancestors believed that with the help of special magic formulas they help the bread to turn out right, that is, lush and tasty.

Separately, you will see ancient tools:

  • stick bluff

  • millstones,

  • cast iron of various capacity,

  • grinding stupas

  • ancient scales,

  • kerosene lamps and other equally interesting exhibits.

Go to the Museum of bread with children!

For children, a trip to the Bread Museum will be a real adventure. Kids will learn how to actually make bread and meet with their favorite fairy-tale characters, in particular, with the famous Kolobok. Traveling through the Chechersk region, be sure to set aside a few hours for the Museum of Bread. Where else can you have so much fun with the kids, bake real homemade bread and touch the living history!

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