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On the territory of the former Bernardine monastery, and before the military commandant, in the picturesque courtyard there is a unique Museum of carriages. What is famous about this place? Previously, there was Parking for crew, visitors to the monastery. Currently, the architecture of the streets is made in a classic nineteenth-century style that attracts many of the Directors of the film Studio "Belarusfilm". The carriage Museum has opened its doors in 2014, the exhibition hall with an area of 72 sq. m accommodates a huge collection of road crew, some of the exhibits were previously owned by famous collectors and wealthy people simply. And artifacts found during the excavations, look like just fr om carriage workshop Mr. Leybman, located on Preobrazhenskaya Street in 1863. L. J. Leybman was the first four-wheel master and owner of the Factory, at the time his services were in great demand – he "shod" wheels in rubber tires. And in 1905 opened a workshop of Mariisky wh ere artfully produced saddles, bags, suitcases and harnesses to any taste.

Once inside the carriage Museum, you find yourself in a long corridor, on right and left side there stand majestically vintage carriages, stagecoaches, phaetons, cabriolets, buckboards, and large wooden sled, like from a fairy tale. Unfortunately, to sit in this crew you will not be allowed, but in a sleigh, please! Incidentally, the sleigh was the most comfortable winter type of transport Minsk residents, they made warm sheepskin. Summer indispensable transport was stroller-Troika hooded, and during prolonged rain saved the cart and the chaise.  

On the walls there hang reproductions of artists and craftsmen, designs and layouts of road transport, horseshoe found during excavations. If you come to the Museum without the accompaniment of a guide, featuring interactive information terminal, who will answer any questions you may have: how did a horse-drawn carriage, what models were most popular, what is medieval cost of each piece? You will also be able to interactively study interested for you archival documents, memorable pictures, popular routes of Minsk in different languages and to participate in the game "Gather the crew", the rules are simple: you have to put the cart of detail presented in the correct sequence for 45-60 seconds.

Interesting Museum pieces are trendy stroller which was operated by the owner, without a cab, and the big barouche belonging to only wealthy citizens. Looks impressive, improvised carriage workshop, located in the very back of the auditorium and, located above it, exclusive 3D picture with movie about Minsk horse-drawn vehicles of the nineteenth century.

In the late nineteenth century Minsk became a major industrial and commercial center of Belarus due to the development of railway junction that have contributed to changing the familiar coach in spirited competition – the predecessor of the electric tram. We advise you to visit this cosy small but interesting Museum!

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