Museum of hirstory of theatre and musical culture in Minsk

Museum of hirstory of theatre and musical culture in Minsk



To get acquainted with the biography and creativity of Belarusian artists, the most famous theatre of dolls, a collection of musical instruments, visit costume the most famous theatrical figures, as well as to see old posters for films, props and scenery at the Museum of the history of musical and theatrical culture, opened its doors in 1990. Music Museum is situated in the picturesque district of Minsk at the end of Music alley and is considered a monument of architecture of XVIII century. The building has retained its original appearance. In those days there were as composers and artists, and ordinary people. However, to be sure in the long history of the Museum, already going inside – in some places the plaster does not hide the red brick that fits perfectly into the Museum environment.  

In the Museum of the history of musical and theatrical culture will appeal to every guest as it is composed of 10 thematic collections, 11 exhibition halls and 1 exhibition hall. On the first floor of the Museum is the exhibition "the Origins of the musical and theatrical culture", which You can watch the first musical instruments of Belarus. Did You know that among the Belarusians are the most popular form of music-making was a "musicians music"? This ensemble of violin, tambourine and cymbals, and in addition these instruments were rattles, whistles, harmonicas, percussion instruments. Incidentally, all the instruments are allowed to play their tune, or at least try to do it!

Watch the original musical works of famous composers of Belarus, as well as their personal belongings and tools can be accomplished by visiting the exhibition "Belarusian national musical culture".

Individual Museum halls devoted to the theatre. You've probably heard about the national puppet theatre "Batlejka"? The main repertoires presented religious and satirical domestic scenes. Be sure to go to one of balejka views that are held by the Museum administration.

The Museum has a collection of memorial rooms dedicated to the prominent Belarusian artists, namely the L. P. Alexandrov, who performed the operatic roles of "Eugene Onegin", "Faust", "the Quiet don"; memorial hall of S. M. Canuti, known for her role of an old woman Daria in the movie "Farewell to Matyora"; the room of the composer E. A. Glebova, gave the world a multitude of works of different musical genre (Opera, ballets, cantatas, symphonies, poems, concerts, ballads, odes, plays).

On special days at the Museum of the history of music and theatre there are concerts, and on weekdays you can learn a lot from the life of Belarusian composers, such as A. V. Bogatyrev – the founder of the Belarusian school of composition, G. K. Pukst – author of the first Belarusian children's Opera "Masha" and others.

Every Tuesday at the Museum is held dance party! Even if you don't know, but want to dance, you will learn Belarusian, medieval dances and dances of the Renaissance.

In the Musical museum you will be able to consider posters, dolls, decorations, footage from performances, sculptural images, portraits of artistic figures, even scenic texts with notes artists. From the abundance of exhibits giddy!

The theme of the exhibitions changes regularly: here are and the work of contemporary photographers, and new puppet characters and a collection of vintage watches, Christmas sketches, ceramics from different countries. You can absolutely have free admission to all exhibitions every first Saturday of the new month, in other days the cost of visiting is 2,50 Belorusian rubles.

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, Minsk , Belarus
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, Minsk , Belarus
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