The Museum of Brest City History

The Museum of Brest City History



One of the regional centers is located in the southwestern part of the "Land under the White Wings". Brest covers 150 square kilometers and has beautiful places for walking and recreation. The city is located near Poland and stands on the Mukhavets river. Like many other cities and towns of Belarus, Brest has a rich and interesting history of its formation and development. By the way, that’s why the Museum of Brest City History appeared.

During the Second World War, a teacher of geography V. Mondalsky and officer of the fortress garrison Tomash Zhuk-Rybitsky first thought about the museum creation. However, for a long time, this idea was just a dream. It came true only in 1998. According to the initial project, the museum exhibitions could be located in rooms of the Kholmsky Gate, which is part of the memorial complex "Brest Hero-Fortress". After the war, the materials were collected for the museum by Belarusian ethnographer M. Alekseyuk.

Later it was decided to found the Museum of Brest History in one of the architectural monuments of the city - a small house of the early XX century. This house was designed by one of the most significant Belarusian architects Julian Lisetsky.

Nowadays, there are almost 1000 exhibits that tell the history of the city development in detail, starting with the first mention in the chronicles (1019) and ending with the events of present days. The museum, which is located in the house, occupies four rooms on two floors. Each room represents a certain period of time in the development of the administrative center. The first room shows the development of the ancient city and the Middle Ages (when it was Berestye). The second hall symbolizes the history of Russian Brest-Litovsk, at the same time the construction of the Brest fortress was begun. In the third room, you can learn more about the formation of Polish Brest-on-Bug, and the fourth hall tells about the development of the Soviet city Brest.

Many historians and ordinary people who are interested in rare items can spend hours wandering in this small, at first glance, museum. The map of Brest, which unites all the elements of the museum, reflects the development of the city for ten centuries. Visitors can examine layouts of Bernardine and Franciscan monasteries, which are significant architectural and historical objects. There are unique items, dating back to the XVI century, found during excavations in the territory of the famous Brest castle.

If you like antique items, you will appreciate the items that reflect the culture of the city of the XIX century. Here you can see personal belongings of citizens, rare furniture, books, and postcards with albums from personal collections of inhabitants of Brest.

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, Brest , Belarus
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, Brest , Belarus
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