The Museum of Belarusian Police attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Museum of Belarusian Police attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs



The museum of Belarusian police presents a lot of interesting historical exhibits fr om the time of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The museum was founded in 1987. It  constantly attracts students, cadets, employees of the police, and just curious tourists, because wh ere else can you discover the history of Belarusian police, look at the ancient weapon, vintage cars, as well as listen to how the policemen looked like in the Middle Ages and  what methods of punishments were applied to criminals. We invite you to go to the first hall, dedicated to the history of law enforcement authorities in times of the Principality of Polotsk and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

In the Principality of Polotsk the city security was guarded by druzhinniki, archers and dragoons. In the museum you can see the weapon used by druzhinniki: crossbows, bows, swords. In the days of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, the prototype of a modern local police officer was the so-called "Vizh". It is also interesting to hear about the methods of punishments in those days - the offender was given a choice: to redeem his freedom or to agree to the atrocious execution.

Going into the next hall, we move a few centuries forward - in the time of Belarus affiliation to the Russian Empire. That time in the country there appeared a police made up of employees who underwent special training and education. Near the entrance to the hall, we were met by a severe pointsman, searching for the order on the streets. Special clothing for police officers appeared in 1918, when the government admitted the need for the police as a law enforcement body, and after the October Revolution a commission to combat counter-revolutionaries and saboteurs was created. The uniform of the representatives of law at that time was ordinary: gray sheepskin coat with sewn red stars is unlikely will protect people from cold. Also a red armband with the word "Policeman" was put on over the coat.

Going upstairs, we find ourselves in a large hall devoted to the history of the Belarusian police during the Great Patriotic War. During the war, there was a police officer in every guerrilla group. It is one of the most interesting exhibits - here you can look at the stand "Fearsome forties", the copies of Belarusian heroes’ diplomas, unique military attributes, such as a map of the General Staff "Postava" in 1944. Also you should pay attention to the reproduced blindage layout with summer and winter clothing, orders, medals and badges, German trophy accordion and the "Armory pyramid" made of small arms.

A separate hall is dedicated to the Chernobyl disaster, which occurred in 1986. Then law-enforcement agency defended the empty houses from looters, who were eager to plunder and sell the remaining property, thereby transmitting the radiation to non-infected territories.

A great interest among the visitors of the Museum of Belarusian police provokes an outdoor exhibit space dedicated to military equipment. Here you will see a self-propelled artillery, tanks, brand new vintage cars "Volga" GAZ-24-02 and motorcycle "K-750".

Traditionally, the tour ends up with a photo session against the background of the Colours of internal military forces of 1943-1985.

The museum of Belarusian police attached to the Ministry of Internal Affairs is famous not only in our country, but also abroad, as evidenced by the records of the Turkish, Polish, Arabic and even Chinese guests in the book of feedbacks! Visiting the museum is absolutely free, without any appointment.

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