The Museum of Belarusian Literature and Ethnography in Gudevichi village

The Museum of Belarusian Literature and Ethnography in Gudevichi village



Gudevichi village is situated in Mosty district of Grodno region and it is ready to share a curious legend about its origin. It is believed that the place where the village is now located was very noisy many years ago because a large road passed through its outskirts leading to Belostok and Grodno. That is why merchants went to Gudevichi for their job, stayed there and grumbled at the noise. Hence its name has appeared. But Gudevichi is famous not only for this.

For several dozens of years, the Museum of Belarusian Literature and Ethnography has been perfectly functioning in Gudevichi village that was established in 1968. Interestingly, the museum numbers thousands of showpieces. Thanks to the original museum, the small village of Mosty district is known all over Belarus and far abroad. Gudevichi Museum of Belarusian Literature and Ethnography enjoys the deserved respect of Belarusian culture experts and ethnographers. This museum is the brainchild of the outstanding man and teacher Ales Nicolaevich Belokoz that has recently passed away. Thanks to his enthusiasm, optimism and tireless work, the museum appeared on the basis of a single room of a local school; its expositions have been growing with lightning speed.

In the 80s of the last century, an ordinary Belarusian hut appeared within the walls of the museum where the authentic interior has been conserved, so common for many Belarusian structures of the XIX century. Today the old hut has been a little modernized by adding an original animation with songs and dancing. A short time later, the museum was granted the long-awaited state status. Over long years, the museum has been showing curious expositions ranging fr om medicine and extractable resources to the origin of the village and weaving. The literature department is of special interest among numerous visitors where the most curious showpiece is the correspondence between local school children and the greatest writers and poets of Belarus. The museum has a huge number of books with autographs and pictures turned yellow with age; there is also a simple fountain pen of an original fate: Vladimir Korotkevich wrote one of his great novels with the pen.

Weaving has an important place in the museum. In the back 70s of the last century, a thematic section functioned on the basis of the school where curious pupils learned to weave the simplest tassels and ties under the leadership of an experienced instructor. A short time later, a special hall was opened wh ere local women weaved rare things on special tools. During the excursion, the worker of the museum was ready not only to demonstrate an interesting process of weaving but also can offer curious visitors to weave something on their own under their responsive guidance.

Gudevichi Museum of Belarusian Literature and Ethnography is always welcoming its guests. The number of its collections impresses so the museum ensures having a great time and unforgettable impressions to everyone who enters it.

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