Airpower Museum in the village of Borovaya



There is a Museum of aircraft in the village of Borovaya, which is located not far from Minsk. It was created with the support of the Central air club named after S. Gritsev. This museum was opened on 4 July 2009.

The idea to create a museum came to the headmaster of the air club N. P. Mochansky. When he was serving in Germany, he saw a similar museum there, so he decided to create something like that on the territory of our country in the nearest future. All the members of their club created the exposure. Many organizations contributed to the opening of the museum: the Ministry of defense, Minsk city Executive Committee, Minsk regional Executive Committee and others. The first aircraft arrived at the village in 1999. This museum holds the exhibits that needed repairs, so many of them were restored bit by bit.

This museum is located outdoors. Airplanes of different types and classifications have been collected on the field in the open air. The area for viewing the exhibits amounts two hectares. The total number of all exhibits is 38 pieces, and over time, this number is constantly growing. Visitors of the museum can visit the cabin of a plane quite easily, they can watch and touch everything, try the costume of a pilot and his mask on. Every person who visits this museum will feel like real pilot for a while. Those people go to the museum who are not indifferent to the sky and unusual technique.

The purpose of this museum, located outdoors, is to inform common people, the citizens of our country about our air force and sports related to aircraft.

There are various types and classes of aircraft in the museum. Different machines are presented in the outdoor area, there are samples of the 1960-ies, and there are exhibits of modern aviation. The most valuable ones are the aircrafts of the great Patriotic war period: Il-2, and a "pawn" PE-2. Various organizations restored these exhibits for three years. It is getting more and more difficult to find such samples over time. But the main problem is the transportation to the Museum. The aircrafts of the World War II period still continue to fly in other countries. Old planes are found in very poor condition, but after the restoration they look completely different, like new aircrafts.

The Museum has a plane MiG-15, the model went in flight in 1947. It was intended for the war in Korea, Egypt. The plane is famous for the fact that it was piloted by Yuri Gagarin himself. The aircraft was collected from the particles. Some parts were even found in the dump in the village of Machulishchy, others near lake Naroch, and all the missing parts were created by aircraft repairmen.

The Museum of aviation hosts festivals, various competitions and contests on its area. Besides, demonstrations of Belarusian aircraft are conducted there. You can also organize a company paintball game in the sports and entertainment leisure center. The flying club may even provide you with the opportunity to fly on the aircrafts Mi-2, An-2, Yak-52. One can organize parachute jumps there. Nowadays the museum is the largest object of that sort on the territory of Belarus.

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