The Benedictine convent in Nesvizh

The Benedictine convent in Nesvizh


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Students of the pedagogical College of J. Kolas convey stories to each other about the Ghost. And it's no wonder. In this building a few centuries ago there was a Benedictine monastery. In this case, appears from time to time the Ghost of Black Ladies.

The Benedictine monastery in the town of Nesvizh was founded in 1593-1596. Engineered the building  the famous Italian architect Jan Maria Bernardoni. The construction followed the wife of Prince Radziwill the Orphan – Elzbieta Eufemia, who was a deeply religious woman. 

The building is located on the outskirts of the city, connecting with the fortifications of the bridge. The monastery, like all contemporary buildings, had not only decorative function, but also was a defensive structure. Set it on the hills to search all approaches to the city of Nesvizh. Before our time, almost nothing has been preserved in original form, as ,from the beginning of its construction, the building was rebuilt many times.

Like all the buildings of that time, the Benedictine monastery was built in the Baroque style. The yard was in the form of the letter "P" in the center of which stood a Church, which is quite well known. In the monastery had the seven altars, the main of which was made of wood. Also, there was the altar of St. Anne. 

The monastery became the burial place of the wife of Radziwill and of his daughters, who died at a very early age. Normal for that time was a lifetime erection of monuments to daughters. A strange fact was the unusual entrance to the monastery – not in front, as usual, and from the side of the yard. It adorns the gate tower, two levels of which are reduced in height, from this it seems easy. In the monastery that  studied only the children of citizens who were able to pay well. It also has a library and a music school. 

Like many buildings on the territory of Nesvizh, with the arrival of Russian troops, the monastery was closed and converted to the Orthodox Church. And for barracks occupied the premises of the monasteries. Only in the early twentieth century, the building was returned to the Catholics, however, just before the great Patriotic War. In 1945 when the Nazis were expelled from the city, the building was closed and nuns were expelled. In 1988 in the basement of the Church that was next to the monastery, found a large copper 

chan. It was discovered 141 subject tableware of porcelain, posereznee, glass, which are now in the Museum. 

Today the building has an original appearance. In the former Benedictine monastery is now teaching College of Y. Kolas. It has a Dorm in which they live , mostly girls. 

Not all now think that the Ghost you see in the Benedictine convent, is a Black Lady. There are opinions that it is a Black nun, which tortured once in the monastery of the Gestapo or NKVD. Here goes-now she wanders alone through the corridors of the current College. Banging on the keys, pushing, pinching someone.

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