The tomb of F. Rushchits in Bogdanovo village

The tomb of F. Rushchits in Bogdanovo village


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The tomb of F. Rushchits in Bogdanovo village

Bogdanovo is a very small village, lost in Volozhin district of Minsk region. Despite the fact that no more than a hundred people live here, the village is advantageously located 10 km fr om the center of Vishnyovo village Council and 30 km from the district center of Volozhin, in which there are several unique attractions that are definitely worth a visit, while touring Minsk region. However, Bogdanovo itself is not deprived of interesting places, which are also worth to see. They are connected with the Rushchits dynasty who was rightful owner of the village in the 18th century. First and foremost, Bogdanovo is known thanks to a glorious representative of the family – Ferdinand Rushchits. If you do not know what this person was famous for, let’s learn more about him.  

One of the most sincere artists of the 20th century: Ferdinand Rushchits

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution to the development of Belarusian painting and graphics made by Ferdinand Rushchits. In addition, he obtained recognition not only in our country but also abroad. His talent is recognized in Russia, Poland, Lithuania and other European countries.

The future talented painter was born in 1870 in the village of Bogdanovo. He was descended from a noble family who had their own coat of arms under the name “Lis”.

For a long time, he lived in Minsk wh ere he received his primary education. However, the formation of his artistic talent is associated primarily with the times of his education in the most prestigious St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Ferdinand Rushchits was a student there, led by the famous Russian landscape painters Ivan Shoshkin, Arkhip Kuindzhi and others. And he gained the recognition in 1897: two of his paintings were sold at the exhibition of graduation works that allowed the young artist to make a two-month trip through Europe.

The flowering of his creative career fell on the return of the artist to the native land. “The Land” was painted in Bogdanovo. It is stored in the national Museum of Warsaw in Poland now.
The painter was fascinated by Belarusian nature, depicting it on his canvases at every opportunity. “The Mill”, “Krevo”, “The Banks of the Vileyka” and many other paintings glorify wonderful landscapes of our country.
Besides that, Rushchits left a mark in history as a talented teacher and pedagogue. At various times, he as a Professor of painting taught in Krakow, Warsaw, and Petersburg.
However, this is not the end of the list of his achievements. Moreover, Ferdinand Rushchits was a talented decorator. He created a lot of theatrical scenery and showed himself in chart, illustrations, design of medals, theatrical costumes and many others. His personality and talent were truly many-sided.

To pay tribute to the famous artist

The artist died on October 30, 1936 being in Bogdanovo. He was buried here in the local cemetery. Unfortunately, the estate, in which representatives of the dynasty and Ferdinand Rushchits himself lived, has not survived to our times. However, the land, on which the family estate was located, is very picturesque. Coming here, you will be able to plunge into the atmosphere of magnificent Belarusian nature, which inspired the Ferdinand Rushchits to create his masterpieces a little over a century ago.


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