The memorial complex in Usakino village

The memorial complex in Usakino village


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The Great Patriotic War had a significant influence on the national culture formation and the patriotic spirit of the Belarusians. All of us remember and honor those sacrifices, which our ancestors made for us to enjoy the life today and all progress achievements. That’s why it is not surprising that there are many monuments and memorials in Belarus, which not only every Belarusian considers his duty to visit, but also the country’s guests.

The memory of the innocent victims

The famous memorial is located in Usakino village in Klichev district of Mogilev region, founded just after the war. Despite the fact that back in the year of 1942 of the last century, the partisans managed to liberate the village from enemy invaders, truly tragic events occurred nearby, including the burning of 69 villages and the perishing of about three thousand people, including civilians.

The complex is spread over several kilometers, so you can start viewing just before reaching the village – the first composition part, called “A broken hut” is presented a few kilometers from it. It is dedicated to the residents of nearby villages Vyazen and Selets, which were burned during the German fascist invaders’ raid. The monuments represent huge boulders (one for each village), on which plates with commemorative inscriptions are placed.

“Usakino” complex itself can be found in the very middle of the village, where there are even special signs and the scheme of the whole memorial. The location was chosen not coincidentally, because it was there where during the Second World War a large partisan base, Mogilev underground and the headquarters of all local partisan movement were located.

You can see a car park, a cooking place and a shadoof, a kind of the printing house, houses, where partisans hid (though it’s rather difficult to call them houses – these are small recessed in the ground huts with a minimum set of facilities) in the partisan camp itself, which has preserved till our days in an almost intact condition, although restoration works are occasionally carried out here.

There are also beds of honor here (only 18 pieces), which every true patriot considers his duty to visit. About 400 people were buried there.

It is worth noting that the very complex of “Usakino” is a part of the vast territory of the famous partisan woods, where tens of thousands people were hiding and making plans for protection and the homeland liberation during the war.

Today Usakino is included in the program of numerous routes through the territory of Belarus, in particular connected with military and patriotic themes. This place enjoys the same popularity as notorious Khatyn and Dalva of Logoisk district, Shunevka (or, in other words, “The Curse to Fascism”) of Dokshitsy district, Dremlevo of Zhlobin district and many others.

It’s quite easy to get to Usakino because of its convenient location near the railway track “Osipovichi-Mogilev”.

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