The memorial complex “To the fighters for Soviet authority” in Mogilev

The memorial complex “To the fighters for Soviet authority” in Mogilev


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Some modern architecture monuments amaze the present generation not only with its shape and composition but also with the origin of its name. For instance, a memorial complex “To the fighters for Soviet authority” is rather many-sided and reflects several important pages of the city and country’s history, some of which have nothing to do with the Soviets authority. However, it doesn’t belittle historical and cultural value of the composition in any way.

An initial plan

The entire memorial was laid out in 1982. Architects K. Alekseev and A. Ivanov as well as a famous sculptor L. Gumilevsky are among the key figures, who determined and brought to life the conception of the monument.

An image of a woman was chosen as a basis for the main figure, the height of the sculpture was about 7 meters. The scale of the monument is increased due to a granite pedestal, which height reaches 13 meters. As for the ideological component, then a woman symbolizes not only victory but also a constant movement, development and renewal.

Such compositions as “Collectivization”, “October” and some other help to be imbued with the Soviet period atmosphere. Besides, stelae decorated with bronze bas-relieves (the stelae are made of solid granite), eternal light (which, by the way, includes practically all of the similar compositions and monuments all over the country), and the bed of honour of the Red Army’s soldiers make part of the memorial complex “To the fighters for Soviet authority”.

Digression fr om the main topic

The complex “To the fighters for Soviet authority” includes several quite interesting elements fr om the point of view of the memorial name. For example, many historians and simply those who are fond of history have argued so far about the compositions called “Postwar time”, “Partisan movement” and “Mogilev defense in 1941”. As you can see from the names of the above mentioned bas-relieves, they do not actually relate to the Soviets theme, but they are rather of patriotic nature. Nevertheless, such a “mismatch” can be easily explained. The matter is that during the Great Patriotic War it was on that place, wh ere a demonstrative execution of Mogilev heroes was held (such as Khokhlov, Korovin, Metelkin, Rozhkov).

In addition to it, the memorial complex is constantly increasing nowadays. A composition “Mogilev pride and glory” has already been displayed, which in reality doesn’t relate to the Soviet power directly. An erection of a bas-relief with the names of George holders is planned.

However, it’s only a name. But the memorial complex arouses an undiminishing interest on Mogilev residents’ side and the guests of the region. Quite a profitable location – directly in the city centre – favours it, wh ere you can also see plenty of other interesting sights, including the city hall and the main city square.

Those, who know little about the history of the XX century Belarusian lands, but wishes to fill the gap, an excursion through Belarus is recommended, which includes the visiting of the famous memorial complex in Mogilev.

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