The Memorial estate of Yakub Kolas "Smolna"

The Memorial estate of Yakub Kolas "Smolna"



The history of the estate

The farmstead "Smolna" in the early twentieth century was the residence of the family of Mickiewicz. Here in 1910, lived uncle of Yakub Kolas Antos, the writer's mother Anna, and his three sisters and three brothers. The writer had quite large and friendly family. Yakub Kolas in the territory of Smolna appeared before 1914 It was in this homestead in 1912 meeting with his colleague in writing Janka Kupala. About this momentous meeting at the estate old Linden trees which were planted by them along.

The last visit to the estate "Smolna" was held in mid-spring 1956, just four months before the death of Yakub Kolas. Until that time, the home estate of the writer worked on the works of the "New earth" and "Symon-muzyka". A description of local territories can be found in the pages of wonderful works "On rostan".

Description of the memorial estate of Yakub Kolas "Smolna"

The estate is located in Stolbtsovsky area in the small village of Smolna. This is one of four memorial estates, which is located on the vast territory of this region. The estate consists of several outbuildings, the owner's yard, the well and the old trees planted personally by Yakub Kolas.

In 1967 the house "Smolna" opened its doors as memorial Museum building. The whole area of the building was divided into two parts: one is memorial, the second is literature. Although the house has become a Museum since 1972. This discovery was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the birth of the writer.

The walls and interior of the house completely enveloped in the spirit of the family of Mickiewicz, because its updates were conducted from the family of Y. Kolas.

Among the buildings of the estate have updated the barn and a small barn. In the main building of the manor there are many things that are as clearly and vividly show the life of peasants of the early XX century.

In construction, consisting of two floors, located a very interesting exposition about the creative life of Yakub Kolas. In the estate carried a lot of things and part of the decoration of the main museum in Minsk, dedicated to the poet. In addition, there are also periodic exhibitions. Among them are very popular, in particular the relatives of Kolas, - a striking and individual masterpieces from the wool. In addition, the Museum is filled with a large number of photographs and rare editions of the writer, and letters enough valuable things.

This memorial estate in territory of Smolna attracts tourists not only rich in richness of historical past events, but is very attractive for cultural enthusiasts and for those wishing to expand their horizons.

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